360 Business Law stands out as the sole provider of Subscription Legal Services on a global scale


Our ground-breaking approach provides clients around the globe with access to seasoned lawyers on a cost-effective, fixed quarterly fee basis, with rates guaranteed for a 12-month period to promote budget predictability. Given the intricacies involved in crafting a global subscription package tailored to each client’s unique needs, the subscription charge is customised based on your anticipated workload and the number of jurisdictions you require coverage in.


Despite the bespoke nature of our service, we believe you will find our pricing surprisingly affordable.


We begin by assigning a dedicated account manager and a “Lead Counsel” to all subscription clients. These individuals serve as a client relationship manager and a legal account manager, guaranteeing swift responses, exceptional quality, and unwavering consistency in our service delivery.

Our Subscription Legal Services Are Designed For Businesses That:


  • Transact a high volume of client or supplier contracts each month;
  • Deal with complex contracts that regularly require amending; or
  • Operate across multiple jurisdictions.


This service helps organisations substantially cut legal expenditure whilst ensuring high quality and quick turnaround, guaranteeing not only financial efficiency but also peace of mind.



How do the Subscription Legal Services work, how are they priced, and what do they cover?

Before entering into a Subscription Legal Service contract, we conduct an account management call and create a bespoke package for each client’s unique circumstances. Pricing is determined by the monthly volume of contracts and the number of jurisdictions covered, providing clients with a cost-effective solution tailored to their specific needs. After agreeing on a fee, we initially run a 3-month trial period to ensure that the agreed fee is appropriate for both the client and the firm before locking it in for 12 months.

What is included in the fixed quarterly fee for the Subscription Legal Services package?

The fixed quarterly fee for the Subscription Legal Services package is customised to your needs, covering unlimited advice and services within the agreed-upon areas and jurisdictions, allowing you to access expert legal assistance without worrying about additional costs.

How does 360 Business Law ensure consistent, high-quality legal assistance across multiple jurisdictions?

360 Business Law ensures consistent, high-quality legal assistance by maintaining a centralised administration system and implementing a tightly controlled workload distribution and monitoring process. This approach enables us to maintain a high level of expertise and efficiency across all the jurisdictions we serve.

Further enhancing our commitment to client satisfaction and convenience, we offer all our subscription clients access to our exclusive client portal. This dynamic platform allows clients to closely monitor workflow, jurisdictions, assigned lawyers, and the real-time status of their matters. Seamlessly accessible via both web and mobile app, our secure client portal empowers our clients to stay connected and informed about their legal matters, regardless of their location.

Can you provide more information on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for contract turnaround?

Under our Subscription Legal Service SLA, we aim to answer routine employment or commercial questions within 48 business hours of receiving a general inquiry, with initial responses often provided within 24 business hours, subject to jurisdiction time differences. Complex amendments will be returned within 72 business hours. Complex drafting of documents will be completed within 96 business hours. Our lawyers are always available to provide an estimate of the return time for work when requested.

Do you have client case studies available for your Subscription Legal Services?

Yes, we do have client case studies that showcase the effectiveness and benefits of our Subscription Legal Services packages. You can find these case studies on our website’s dedicated Case Studies page, which provides valuable insights into how our services have helped clients across various industries and jurisdictions.

What Our Clients Say

Farewell to Delays in Client/Supplier Contracting and Employment Issues

With our cost effective subscription legal service, our lawyers will draft or amend your template contracts, expertly negotiate and amend contracts with your clients and suppliers, and do all of that within our tight Service Levels so you will never suffer from contracting bottlenecks again.

Our lawyers will draft transparent employment contracts, comprehensive policies, and other necessary documentation, while swiftly and effectively addressing any pre-litigation employment concerns, granting you complete peace of mind.

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