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Rosie McKimmie,
Global General Counsel

The Client

Newsweek has selected 360 Business Law to provide legal support on a global scale.

Newsweek is a global news magazine that provides high quality, in-depth coverage and analysis of the major events shaping our world. The print edition is available in 68 territories while round-the-clock- coverage on the latest breaking world news can be found at

What was Newsweek looking for in a law firm?

The innovative legal service from 360 Business Law enables Newsweek to cost effectively draw on legal support during peak periods of activity.

Newsweek uses a blend of legal support depending on the work matter, with 360 Business Law providing additional support to the legal team when needed in the UK or globally.

Why 360 Business Law?

“We’ve been working with 360 Business Law for over a year, and we are delighted with our progress.”

“They provide real value to our legal department when there are fluctuations in workflow, and it allows us to flex quickly in these situations.”

“Their lawyers are first class, are great value for money and have become an excellent extension to our team.”

“I’ve been interested in the disruptive legal sector since 2005 when I worked in private practice, and I have kept a close eye on the market.  My background is entrepreneurial, so I’m always looking for ways the company can run more efficiently.”

“When innovative firms like 360 Business Law first started, there was a question over whether these new propositions would attract top talent.  Today, that question is no longer relevant.  Some lawyers value flexibility and freedom and are attracted to working in the environment that 360 provides. It validates the format for 360 Business Law’s strategy to operate as a virtual law firm and they are then able to pass on the cost-savings to clients like myself.”

360 Business Law operates via a virtual team of lawyers through secure cloud-based IT infrastructure to provide Newsweek with this highly flexible service. The firm has a team of 400 qualified lawyers and attorneys in over 70 countries, including 35 States in the USA.

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