A Unique Global Law Firm

At 360 Business Law, you will experience a seamless global legal service unlike any other. Unlike other global law firms, instead of having to engage separately for each jurisdiction, you simply need to contract with us in a single location, be it the UK, USA, Cyprus, or Australia. We’ll handle your legal needs across all the territories we operate in, streamlining your legal processes and saving you time. Our cutting-edge administrative system enables you to send instructions through a single email address.

The lawyer assigned by our administrators to your matter will then contact you and work with you until your matter is concluded. Other benefits of working with us include receiving a consolidated invoice at the end of each month for all your matters, and the ability to easily track your billing through our user-friendly portal accessible via your smartphone. This innovative approach simplifies your legal management and offers unparalleled convenience, making 360 Business Law the ideal choice for your global legal needs.

Friendly, Professional Legal Services Wherever You Trade

At 360 Business Law you can rely on our exceptional team of lawyers, who are not only highly qualified in their respective areas of specialisation, but also possess a pragmatic, solution-oriented approach to tackling legal challenges. They are proficient in both their local languages and written and spoken English, enabling them to effectively communicate and collaborate with clients around the globe. Moreover, their friendly and approachable demeanour ensures that you receive a comfortable and pleasant experience as we work together to address your legal needs.

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