Dedicated Legal Support: Tailored, Transparent, and Predictable

Our Local Subscription Legal Services are specially designed to provide consistent and high-quality legal support to companies in trading in a single jurisdiction. With bespoke pricing tailored to your needs, our service ensures that you get maximum value without any surprises.

How Our Local Subscription Works

Initial Consultation

Understanding your needs is our priority. We begin with a scoping call to assess the volume and complexity of your legal requirements.

Trial Period

We propose an agreed price and embark on a 3-month trial period. This allows both parties to gauge the service requirements and ensure a seamless fit.

Fee Fixed for 12 Months

After a successful trial, we lock in the agreed price for a full year. No fluctuations, no hidden fees – just transparent and predictable billing.

Benefits of Single Country Subscription Legal Services

Custom-Tailored: Bespoke pricing structures developed based on your specific volume and complexity of legal documents.

Predictable Budgeting: With a 12-month fixed fee billed quarterly, you can plan your finances without any unexpected legal costs.

Swift Responses – Service Level Agreement: Our dedicated team ensures prompt replies and swift legal services tailored to your needs with our contracted Service Levels.

Consistent Quality: Regardless of the volume or complexity, we maintain our standard of excellence in every task, all of our lawyers have at least 5 years post-qualifying-experience.
Client Case Studies

360 Business Law delivers high quality and localised legal support that has enabled us to introduce many new European partners onto our platform.

Client Case Studies

"Working with 360’s specialist property lawyers has been extremely effective in helping us get to the end of leases and negotiate clean breaks."

Client Case Studies

'By negotiating a fixed fee that matches their predicted volume of work for the year, PeoplePlus knew that their legal needs were covered without a disproportionate fee attached.'

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