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Charity Law is a specialised area of law that governs the establishment, operation, and regulation of charitable organisations. It deals with the legal requirements and procedures for setting up a charity, ensuring that it serves a charitable purpose as defined by law, and maintains public benefit.

This field of law also regulates how charities are run, from the roles and responsibilities of trustees to the management of resources. It governs the methods by which charities raise funds and how these funds are used, requiring transparency and accountability to maintain public trust.

Moreover, Charity Law also prescribes the regulatory framework within which charities operate. This includes compliance with reporting requirements and oversight by regulatory bodies to ensure adherence to legal standards and ethical practices.

In essence, Charity Law is instrumental in facilitating the beneficial work of charities while ensuring they operate in a manner that upholds public confidence. It fosters an environment in which charities can effectively contribute to societal improvement and public welfare.

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Formation and Registration

This involves the legal procedures and requirements for establishing a charity, including the need for a defined charitable purpose and the registration process.


This area covers the rules and regulations governing how a charity is run, including the roles and responsibilities of trustees and the management of the charity’s resources.

Regulatory Compliance

Charities must comply with various regulatory requirements, including annual reporting and accounting rules. This area of law ensures that charities operate transparently and accountably.

Fundraising Regulation

This area covers the rules and regulations relating to how charities raise funds, including compliance with solicitation laws and regulations on donor recognition.

Tax Law

Charitable organisations often benefit from tax exemptions and reliefs. This area of law covers the rules and requirements for these benefits.

Charitable Trusts

This involves the laws and regulations surrounding the creation and operation of charitable trusts, including the duties of trustees and the rights of beneficiaries.

Dispute Resolution

This covers legal procedures and practices for resolving disputes within a charity, such as conflicts of interest or disputes between trustees and beneficiaries.

Mergers and Collaborations

This area covers the legal considerations when charities merge or collaborate with other charities or non-charitable organisations.

Dissolution and Insolvency

This involves the laws and procedures for dissolving a charity or dealing with a charity that has become insolvent.

International Operations

This area covers the laws and regulations for charities operating internationally, including compliance with foreign laws and regulations.


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