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Debt recovery law is a key area of legal practice that outlines procedures for pursuing unpaid debts and enforcing payment obligations. It equips creditors, individuals or organizations, with legal means to reclaim owed funds.

The process generally starts with the creditor reaching out to the debtor, often via written notices or demand letters, emphasizing the seriousness of the debt and the intent to recover the funds. If these efforts don’t suffice, the creditor may resort to legal action.

Debt recovery law provides the necessary guidelines for this stage, dictating steps for initiating legal action, such as filing a claim or lawsuit. It also details potential defenses a debtor can raise and prescribes methods for enforcing a judgment if the creditor wins in court.

Beyond assisting creditors, debt recovery law crucially protects debtors from unfair collection practices. It strikes a balance, ensuring creditors can pursue their dues, while shielding debtors from harassment, deception, or inappropriate behaviours. This balance is central to debt recovery law, facilitating a fair and respectful debt resolution process.

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Debt Collection Practices

This area concerns the methods and tactics that can be legally used by creditors or collection agencies to collect unpaid debts.

Legal Action

This area involves the steps a creditor must take to sue a debtor for an unpaid debt, including filing a lawsuit, obtaining a judgment, and enforcing that judgment.

Defences and Disputes

This area covers the legal defenses that a debtor can raise in response to a debt collection lawsuit, and the procedures for disputing the validity or amount of a debt.


This area involves the laws and procedures related to bankruptcy, which is a legal process that can affect debt recovery efforts. It includes rules about what types of debts can be discharged in bankruptcy and how creditors can claim a share of the debtor’s assets.

Secured and Unsecured Debts

This area concerns the different laws and procedures that apply to secured debts (debts backed by collateral, like a mortgage) and unsecured debts (debts not backed by collateral, like most credit card debts).

Debt Restructuring and Settlement

This area involves the laws and procedures related to debt restructuring and settlement, which are methods of resolving a debt dispute without going to court.

Cross-border Debt Recovery

This area covers the procedures and challenges involved in recovering debts across national borders.

Consumer Protection

This area involves laws designed to protect consumers from unfair debt collection practices.

Statute of Limitations

This area concerns the laws that limit the amount of time a creditor has to sue a debtor for an unpaid debt.


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