Revolutionising Legal Services Across the Globe

360 Business Law is an innovative, global legal practice that operates in over 80 countries, offering exceptional legal services at a fraction of traditional costs. Our revolutionary approach was made possible by the 2007 Legal Services Act in the UK, which paved the way for practicing law on an unregulated basis through a secure, high-tech infrastructure.

This groundbreaking legislation allowed us to develop a low-cost business model that significantly reduces hourly rate fees, enabling us to focus on delivering more commercially-driven solutions for our clients. By embracing these changes, we have transformed the way legal services are provided around the world, offering a more accessible, cost-effective alternative to traditional law firms.

At the core of our success is our commitment to self-regulation and our focus on retaining only the most experienced lawyers in the industry.

Our team, now averaging 12 years post-qualifying experience, is dedicated to delivering top-quality legal services, ensuring that our clients receive the expertise and guidance they deserve.

Choose 360 Business Law for all your legal needs and experience the difference of working with a truly global, low-cost, and highly experienced legal team. We’re revolutionising the legal landscape with our low global hourly rates, fixed fees and subscription packages, and we invite you to be a part of this transformation.

Creating a high quality, low cost law firm by reducing overhead

In a time where traditional law firms grapple with high overhead costs, we have successfully established a low-cost global law firm by rethinking the conventional practice model. By eliminating major cost drivers, our overhead is reduced to just 10% of worldwide turnover, allowing us to offer affordable and high-quality legal services. Expensive city centre property contributes significantly to overhead costs in traditional firms. We’ve addressed this by embracing remote work, eliminating the need for costly office spaces. This not only reduces expenses but also allows us to pass the savings onto our clients without compromising service quality.

Support staff, such as receptionists and administrative personnel, can also inflate costs. Our firm utilises technology and automation to handle tasks previously assigned to support staff, streamlining operations and reducing overhead costs.

Lastly, we have moved away from using inexperienced legal staff, like paralegals, trainee lawyers, and junior lawyers. Instead, we focus on employing experienced, specialised attorneys capable of handling cases more efficiently, ultimately lowering costs for our clients.

Through innovative thinking and leveraging technology, we’ve created a low-cost global law firm that prioritises efficiency, affordability, and client satisfaction. This new approach demonstrates the potential for providing exceptional legal services without the high price tag often associated with traditional law firms.

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