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Antitrust and Competition Law is a significant branch of legal practice, encompassing the set of rules and regulations designed to maintain market competition by regulating anti-competitive conduct by companies. It aims to promote fair competition, protect consumers, and encourage economic efficiency.

This area of law addresses practices such as market monopolisation, anti-competitive agreements, and abusive behaviour by companies holding a dominant position in the market. It also covers merger control regulations, which scrutinise proposed mergers and acquisitions that could significantly impede effective competition.

Key aspects of Antitrust and Competition Law include the prohibition of cartels, the control of abusive conduct by dominant market players, and the regulation of mergers and acquisitions. Regulatory bodies enforce these rules, with powers to investigate suspected breaches and impose penalties for violations.

In essence, Antitrust and Competition Law plays a crucial role in fostering a vibrant and fair marketplace, ensuring businesses compete on a level playing field. It protects consumers from predatory business practices and supports innovation and growth in the economy. Contact 360 Business Law now if you require global antitrust & competition law services.

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Cartels and Anti-Competitive Agreements

This area deals with illegal practices such as price-fixing, market-sharing, and bid-rigging that restrict competition.

Dominance and Monopolies

This includes laws and regulations that prevent firms with significant market power from abusing their dominant position to eliminate or restrict competition.

Mergers and Acquisitions

This aspect of the law assesses whether proposed mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures could significantly lessen competition in a market.

State Aid and Subsidies

This area involves the control of aid granted by a government that could distort competition by favouring certain companies or industries.

Market Investigations and Sector Inquiries

These are studies carried out by competition authorities to understand and address competition issues in particular markets or industries.

Competition Litigation

This area covers legal disputes relating to antitrust and competition law, often involving private enforcement actions or appeals against decisions of competition authorities.

Compliance and Training

This involves helping companies understand and comply with competition laws, often through the development and implementation of compliance programs and training.

International Competition Law

This area deals with the application and coordination of competition law across different jurisdictions.

Regulatory Competition

This involves the analysis of how regulatory policies and laws can impact competition in specific industries or sectors.


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