Global Legal Talent at Affordable Prices: Our Flexible Solution

360 Business Law provides flexible remote counsel placement services to some of the world’s leading organisations. Whether you are a start-up or a large multinational organisation, we will tailor a package to fit your specific business need.

If you are looking for premier lawyers when you need them, in over 75 countries and across a multitude of disciplines, with in-house sector specific experience, this is the service for you.

At 360 Business Law, our counsel are required to have a minimum of five years of post-qualifying experience, although the average is closer to 15 years post qualifying experience – so you can be certain you will receive a reliable and professional legal service in every case. And due to our low overhead model, the cost for a remote lawyer of this calibre may surprise you.

Our Flexible Workload Model Can Support Your Organisation With:

  • Demand fluctuations (such as month, quarter, and year-end capacity bottlenecks)
  • General Counsel placement
  • Legal Counsel placement
  • Overspill work support
  • Volume contract support services (such as bulk NDA reviews)
  • Expansion into new jurisdictions
  • Project support (such as regulatory change)
  • Specialist advisor services
  • Supporting with employee absence (such as maternity leave)

Delivering Excellence

At 360 Business Law, leading legal teams of all sizes trust us to provide smart, savvy, and highly-trained legal professionals with the experience to deliver quality work from the start.

We offer flexible solutions at affordable prices, ensuring that our clients have access to the best legal talent available.



The rates are based on our low hourly rate model, discounted for longevity of contract and number of lawyers required.

How long will it take to provide you with a lawyer?

Depending on your business need, our lawyers can be contracted and working in your team within a day of receiving your enquiry.

Who is this service designed for?

Our remote-counsel-on-demand service can be provided to organisations of any size, but is typically more suited to large companies with specific requirements.

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