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European Law, while relevant exclusively to European jurisdictions, is an influential body of law that governs the legal interactions among member states of the European Union (EU) and their citizens. It comprises a variety of legal disciplines, from constitutional and administrative law to competition law and human rights law.

The foundational principles of European Law are enshrined in the Treaties of the European Union, which lay out the legislative and judicial competences of the EU. These laws are binding on all member states, influencing national laws and offering a framework for resolving disputes at a European level.

Key areas within European Law include the Internal Market, which facilitates free movement of goods, services, capital and people across member states; Competition Law, which prevents anti-competitive practices; and Human Rights Law, as codified in the European Convention on Human Rights.

European Law serves to promote unity, cooperation, and consistency among member states, fostering an environment of mutual respect for shared values and principles. The effective operation of European Law is pivotal for ensuring harmonious interactions among European jurisdictions, shaping the legal landscape of the continent.

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EU Constitutional Law

This includes the treaties, principles, and institutional framework of the European Union.

EU Administrative Law

This deals with the organisation, powers, and functions of the EU’s administrative bodies.

EU Competition Law

This area covers rules and regulations designed to maintain competition within the EU’s internal market.

EU Internal Market Law

This governs the free movement of goods, services, capital, and people within the EU.

EU Social Law

This area includes regulations and directives related to employment, equality, and social security rights.

EU Environmental Law

This covers laws and policies related to environmental protection and sustainability in the EU.

EU External Relations Law

This deals with the EU’s relations with non-EU countries and international organisations.

EU Human Rights Law

This encompasses the protection of fundamental rights under EU law, as influenced by the European Convention on Human Rights.

EU Consumer Protection Law

This area regulates consumer rights and protections within the EU.

EU Data Protection Law

This includes rules and regulations related to privacy and data protection, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

EU Financial Law

This encompasses regulations related to banking, insurance, financial services, and capital markets within the EU.


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