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Our hourly rates may well be some of the lowest in the market, but our commitment to making high quality legal services accessible to all companies, irrespective of their size, and bringing value to our clients does not stop there.


Our unique structure means that you contract with us in a single jurisdiction, instruct us through a single point of contact, receive one invoice per month irrespective of how many jurisdictions you instruct us in, and can view your billing in real-time through our portal application via your laptop or smartphone.


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Fixed Price Certainty

At 360 Business Law, we prioritise client satisfaction by offering versatile legal solutions tailored to their unique needs. Understanding that each client has distinct requirements and financial constraints, we provide a range of pricing models. Our renowned Subscription Legal Services grant ongoing support for a 12-month period, where monthly fees don’t increase irrespective of reasonable increases in volumes, for a set monthly fee. Fixed-fee arrangements cover specific legal services at a predetermined cost, catering to clients who require well-defined assistance.

For clients who need sporadic legal help, retainer arrangements offer legal assistance on an as-needed basis. Additionally, structured project cost arrangements cater to complex legal projects by providing customised pricing. Our flexible approach ensures a successful collaboration and accommodates diverse client needs. We are the only law firm that we know who offers a subscription legal service covering commercial/contracts and/or employment law in all jurisdictions in which we operate for a single quarterly fee. This unique offering sets us apart and enables us to deliver unparalleled value to our clients.

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