360 Business Law is an authority in delivering comprehensive legal services to the Media, Sport & Entertainment sectors. These sectors encapsulate a broad array of businesses involved in creating, producing, distributing, and consuming content across diverse platforms, along with organisations in the sports industry.

At 360 Business Law, we offer bespoke legal solutions tailored to the unique legal and business challenges of our clients in the Media, Sport & Entertainment sectors. Our services encompass a broad spectrum of areas, including intellectual property protection, content licensing and distribution, talent agreements, production contracts, sports law, regulatory compliance, and dispute resolution.

When it comes to the Media sector, we assist our clients by providing legal support for issues related to content creation, distribution, and licensing. Our services envelop copyright protection, licensing agreements, content acquisition, defamation and privacy laws, advertising and sponsorship agreements, and regulatory compliance. With an emphasis on intellectual property rights, fair use, content clearance, and the negotiation and drafting of distribution contracts, we aim to provide the most comprehensive support possible.

For our clients in the Entertainment sector, which includes the music, film, television, and live performance industries, we deliver legal assistance in areas such as talent agreements, production contracts, distribution deals, copyright protection, licensing arrangements and resolving legal issues.


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Transforming Legal Challenges into Opportunities for Media, Entertainment & Sport businesses

Our team at 360 Business Law stays ahead of industry trends, evolving technologies, and legal developments within the Media, Sport & Entertainment sectors. By offering strategic advice and pragmatic solutions, we help our clients successfully traverse the complex legal landscape, protect their creative works, and maximize their commercial opportunities.

Given that our expertise extends across various aspects of the Media, Sport & Entertainment sectors, it’s crucial to remember that specific legal requirements and regulations can vary significantly across jurisdictions. Therefore, we recommend consulting with our legal professionals at 360 Business Law to obtain jurisdiction-specific advice and ensure compliance with local laws and regulations.


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