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You will only work with highly experienced Solicitors, Barristers and Attorneys - we never use paralegals, trainees or juniors lawyers.

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Transparent Pricing

A single fixed hourly rate for each country in which we operate - no differential pricing based on ancient partner structures.

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Global Practice

Operating in over 75 countries, our clients benefit from tailored legal advice and services, wherever they trade or have an establishment.

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Revolutionising Law With Smart Economics

Eliminate the costly overheads associated with traditional law firms, such as prime office spaces, expensive support staff and junior lawyers, and combine it with advanced cloud-based technology – the outcome is 360 Business Law™.

We offer comprehensive legal counsel to our clients at impressively competitive rates, and legal fees can be reduced even further by using our subscription packages. Our renowned expertise spans various industries, empowering us to deliver the most effective legal solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, from SMEs through to the largest global multinational organisations.

Introducing a New Era in Legal Services

Question: Clients seek more affordable legal solutions

As the legal landscape evolves, clients are seeking more cost-effective solutions, governments and regulators are adapting laws to promote affordability, and traditional law firms are struggling to restructure for economic efficiency due to outdated partner structures and high overheads.

SMEs and large organisations alike are demanding accessible legal services that meet their budgetary needs.

Advancements in technology have empowered industries, including the legal profession, to securely deliver services from any location worldwide. Embrace the future of legal services with 360 Business Law – where cost-efficiency, adaptability, and knowledge converge.

The global pandemic has proven the resilience of our innovative service model. At 360 Business Law, we remain available 24/7, 365 days a year, through a single point of access, even as others grapple with adaptation.

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