Michael Nelson,

The Challenge

“As we operate in a number of countries around the globe, our biggest challenge prior to working with 360 Business Law was the fact we did not have legal teams in each of these countries.”

“Previously, we could only deal contractually in English – this was a real business challenge as we could not accommodate companies who contracted in any other language but our own.”

The Solution

“Now, we have a global legal team who can deal with all the rules and regulations of all the different countries we operate in. This means we can contract in multiple languages, safe in the knowledge that the team at 360 Business Law have negotiated and reviewed the terms at length and are happy with the contents prior to proceeding. Since working with 360 Business Law, it has ultimately become a lot easier for us to expand into new countries.”

“While 360 Business Law were recommended to us, it was the unique subscription model that lead us to choosing them. The subscription model works very well for us; we don’t have to worry about the costs of each piece of work as we know it’s all covered in one agreed subscription fee. That means we can get the legal support our business actually needs without worrying about the bill that will come from every interaction.”

“The subscription model is excellent for an organisation like ours as it provides us with the freedom and flexibility we need. When legal issues arise that are outside of the subscription, we know 360 Business Law have the resources and capability to help us out, whether it’s for corporate matters, arbitrations on contracts or employment law matters.”

“From a capacity standpoint, we had a challenge where our small legal team was overworked during peak times; the strain they were under was becoming a key issue for us during our busiest periods. Now we can call upon 360 Business Law to help manage that workload – they can act as an extension of our own legal team and we can flex the resources needed to support the volume of work.”

What Made 360 Business Law Stand Out?

“The subscription model is excellent, but I would also recommend 360 Business Law on account of how responsive the team is. Their lawyers are absolutely fantastic – I’d go as far as to say some of the best lawyers I’ve ever worked with. Their ability to turn things around really fast and to a high standard never fails to impress.”

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