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Restructuring & Insolvency law deals with legal frameworks governing the financial distress and insolvency of individuals, companies, and other entities. It encompasses a range of legal mechanisms aimed at facilitating the reorganisation, recovery, or winding up of financially troubled entities.

The primary objective of restructuring is to revive and rehabilitate financially distressed entities, enabling them to regain solvency and continue their operations. This may involve negotiating debt restructuring plans, refinancing arrangements, or implementing management and operational changes. The goal is to maximise the value of the entity and protect the interests of all stakeholders involved, including creditors, shareholders, and employees.

Insolvency, on the other hand, involves the situation where an entity’s liabilities exceed its assets and it is unable to meet its financial obligations. In such cases, insolvency proceedings are initiated to orderly liquidate the entity’s assets and distribute them among its creditors.

Restructuring & Insolvency law aims to strike a balance between the interests of debtors and creditors, providing a legal framework for the resolution of financial distress in an equitable and efficient manner. It typically encompasses statutory provisions, court procedures, and contractual arrangements that guide the conduct of stakeholders during restructuring and insolvency processes. We work with clients including banks, private equity funds, hedge funds, corporations, boards of directors, and insolvency practitioners.


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Insolvency Proceedings

This area covers the legal procedures and frameworks for initiating and conducting insolvency proceedings, including bankruptcy, liquidation, and receivership. It involves the appointment of insolvency practitioners, valuation and realization of assets, and distribution of proceeds to creditors.

Debt Restructuring

This area focuses on the legal mechanisms and processes for negotiating and implementing debt restructuring plans. It includes debt rescheduling, refinancing, debt-for-equity swaps, and other arrangements aimed at restructuring the financial obligations of a distressed entity.

Corporate Rescue and Turnaround

This aspect of restructuring law deals with measures and strategies designed to revive financially troubled companies and facilitate their recovery. Our global restructuring services include comprehensive corporate turnaround strategies, such as debt forgiveness, management restructuring, and the implementation of turnaround plans designed to restore solvency and profitability.

Cross-Border Insolvency

We are experts in handling cross-border insolvency cases involving entities with assets, creditors, or operations in multiple jurisdictions. Our global reach allows us to effectively manage these complex cases and ensure a favorable outcome for our clients.

Creditor Rights and Remedies

This area focuses on the rights, obligations, and remedies available to creditors in insolvency situations. It covers issues such as the ranking of creditor claims, enforcement of security interests, priority of payments, and mechanisms for challenging fraudulent or preferential transactions.

Director and Officer Liability

This aspect of restructuring law deals with the responsibilities and potential liabilities of directors and officers of financially distressed companies. It includes provisions related to wrongful trading, fraudulent trading, and breach of fiduciary duties.

Insolvency Litigation

This area covers the legal proceedings and disputes that arise in the context of insolvency, such as disputes over creditor claims, fraudulent transactions, or challenges to the validity of insolvency proceedings. It includes litigation before insolvency courts or other relevant tribunals.

Personal Insolvency

This aspect focuses on the legal provisions and processes related to individual or personal insolvency, including bankruptcy and individual voluntary arrangements. It deals with the rights and obligations of individuals facing financial difficulties and the mechanisms for addressing their debts and financial obligations.

Cross-Creditor Arrangements

This area involves the legal mechanisms for coordinating and reaching agreements among creditors in insolvency scenarios. It may include schemes of arrangement, creditor committees, and other mechanisms for collective decision-making and coordination among creditors.

Restructuring and Insolvency Professionals

This aspect deals with the regulation, licensing, and professional standards for insolvency practitioners, such as liquidators, administrators, and trustees. It ensures the competence, ethics, and integrity of professionals involved in restructuring and insolvency matters.


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