Private Equity law governs the diverse activities of private equity firms and their investments worldwide. Our global expertise covers a broad spectrum of legal aspects, from fund formation to exit strategies. At 360 Business Law, we ensure compliance with international legal requirements, safeguard investor rights, and facilitate efficient transactions across borders.

Private equity refers to investment capital provided by institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals to acquire ownership stakes in companies. These investments are often characterized by active involvement in the management and strategic decision-making of the target companies to enhance their value and generate substantial returns.

Private Equity law covers a wide array of legal aspects, including fund formation, investment structuring, due diligence, negotiation of investment agreements, governance matters, and exit strategies. It encompasses legal issues related to mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, venture capital investments, and mezzanine financing.

This area of law addresses matters such as securities regulations, corporate governance, tax considerations, employment and labor laws, intellectual property rights, and contractual arrangements between the private equity fund and the portfolio companies.

Private Equity law plays a significant role in balancing the interests of investors, fund managers, and the companies receiving investment. It ensures compliance with legal requirements, safeguards investor rights, and facilitates efficient transactions, contributing to the growth and success of private equity investments in various industries.

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Fund Formation

With a global perspective on fund formation, we handle legal aspects related to the establishment and structuring of private equity funds across different jurisdictions. At 360 Business Law, we guide our clients through drafting and negotiating fund agreements, determining investment strategies, and addressing regulatory compliance requirements worldwide.

Investment Agreements

This aspect focuses on the legal documentation and negotiations involved in private equity investments. It includes drafting and reviewing investment agreements, such as share purchase agreements, subscription agreements, and shareholder or membership agreements. These agreements define the terms and conditions of the investment, including governance rights, management participation, and exit provisions.

Due Diligence

This area involves the legal analysis and investigation conducted by private equity firms to assess the target company’s legal and regulatory compliance, financial health, and potential risks. It covers matters such as intellectual property rights, contractual obligations, litigation and disputes, environmental compliance, and employment matters.

Governance and Board Representation

This aspect addresses the legal framework governing the relationship between private equity investors and the portfolio companies in which they invest. It includes matters such as board representation, shareholder rights, voting agreements, and governance structures to ensure effective oversight and decision-making.

Leveraged Buyouts

In the complex world of Leveraged Buyouts, we bring global insight. We handle important legal considerations, such as negotiating and structuring debt financing arrangements, addressing regulatory requirements, and managing legal risks associated with acquiring a company using a significant amount of debt, across multiple jurisdictions.

Regulatory Compliance

This aspect covers the legal and regulatory obligations that private equity firms must adhere to, including securities regulations, anti-money laundering laws, disclosure requirements, and investor protection regulations. It involves ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations in all stages of the investment process.

Exit Strategies

This area involves the legal considerations and mechanisms for exiting private equity investments and realizing returns. It encompasses initial public offerings (IPOs), sales to strategic buyers, secondary buyouts, management buyouts, and other exit routes. It includes negotiating and structuring the sale agreements, addressing regulatory requirements, and managing the legal aspects of the exit process.

Tax Considerations

Our services stretch across borders to address the tax implications of private equity investments for both the fund and its investors. We specialise in tax structuring, analysing tax-efficient investment vehicles, addressing international tax treaties and regulations, and managing tax risks and compliance obligations on a global scale.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Considerations

This area focuses on the legal aspects related to incorporating ESG factors into private equity investments. It includes compliance with environmental and social regulations, responsible investment practices, impact investing, and assessing ESG risks and opportunities in the investment process.

Fundraising and Investor Relations

This aspect covers the legal considerations in fundraising activities and maintaining relationships with investors. It includes regulatory compliance in marketing and soliciting funds, investor disclosures, investor agreements, and addressing investor rights and obligations throughout the fund’s lifecycle.


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