Jacqueline Lynch,
EMEA Sales Manager

The Challenge

“An ever-growing global leader in digital engineering, Asite is ambitious in its sales and marketing goals. However, onboarding new customers takes more than a verbal commitment. When signing new businesses to our information management solution, we frequently found ourselves in situations whereby customers would push back on our standard terms or even ask us to enter into contracts on their terms.”

“However, without a specialist to review these terms through a legal lens, we found ourselves in a tight spot: if we signed, we would potentially expose ourselves to risk. If we took too long to come back to the customer, delays would dampen the onboarding experience.”

“To a non-lawyer, a sales contract can seem perfectly innocuous – yet, buried in a clause of a contract could be a term that creates considerable risk, such as a limitation of liability, termination of convenience or payment milestones.”

“Even when a customer agreed to the terms we provided, the mark-up they returned was met with question marks from the team.”

“As our Senior Management team became increasingly busy, the challenge became inescapable.”

“We needed to ensure our sales contracts comprised of terms that worked for both parties -but we also needed to speed things up so as to not lose momentum with new customers.

The Solution

“From the moment we started working with 360 Business Law, our sales process improved. It’s not always practical or cost efficient to have in-house counsel within the organisation, but to be able to get the expertise you need at the drop of a hat without the huge overhead is a game-changer.  This is what 360 Business Law provides.”

“Having 360 Business Law on subscription means we can push out contracts, safe in the knowledge that the terms in these contracts protect our legal and commercial interests.

The lawyers are also willing to jump on calls with our clients to negotiate the T & C’s, which makes all the difference in keeping both parties happy.”

“With a specialist lawyer from 360 Business Law on hand to look at the fine print, identify red flags and make the necessary amendments, my job has become a lot easier.”

What Made 360 Business Law Stand Out?

“The quick turnaround and level of sector expertise is invaluable. As an example, I sent a contract to them on Friday night – they came back on Monday with 27 amendments. Historically, we would have waited a few weeks for this kind of input. Now, we get contracts over the line within a matter of days.”

“The process is smooth, and the level of support provided is highly beneficial to our business – they understand our industry and provide input on a granular level.”  

“When customers push back, they’ll advise on the legal implications of agreeing to a contract to ensure our business is never exposed to unnecessary risk.”

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