Stephen Perkins, Group CFO

The Client

Much of Bellrock’s work falls within the umbrella of compliance. This includes standard facilities management for security, cleaning and maintenance. The company also delivers specialist risk focused workplace and property management services such as fire, and health and safety as well as full asset surveys to ensure clients understand the state of a building’s infrastructure. 

Another expanding and profitable area of Bellrock’s business is Concerto, a market leading property, project and asset management software solution that the company uses itself and sells to customers.   

Bellrock’s head office is in Leicester where its 100-strong HR, IT and finance teams support the Concerto software business as well as oversees its 1,600 employees who work on client sites across the UK.   

Bellrock’s CFO Stephen Perkins manages the company’s legal requirements: “To manage our ever expanding and complex business, we require fast, effective and competent legal support to ensure we can deliver the best possible services to our clients. 

“I’ve worked with 360 Business Law since I joined Bellrock three years ago. At that time, 360 was helping our credit control team with debt collection, they were also doing a bit of property law and dealing with some sub-litigation matters.  I really enjoyed the relationship and valued the flexible and open business model that Robert Taylor had developed, so have since expanded our work.” 

What were Bellrock looking for in a law firm?

360 Business Law now provides a wide range of legal support. Debt collection is still a necessity but today, the remit for 360’s property lawyers has grown to include lease negotiations, lease terminations as well as leasehold dilapidation enforcements.   

Stephen says, “Working with 360’s specialist property lawyers has been extremely effective in helping us get to the end of leases and negotiate clean breaks.  Contract law is vital in our work with local authorities and public sector clients and 360’s lawyers will often review complex clauses or entire contracts to ensure we can form an objective opinion.  

“Most recently, we had an unpleasant dispute with one of our Private Finance Initiatives (PFI), a long-term contract between ourselves and a government department.  Before it went to litigation, one of 360’s highly experienced lawyers helped us to unpick the various issues so we could understand our strengths and weaknesses.  It was an invaluable exercise.”  

Why 360 Business Law?

Technology is fundamental to how Bellrock operates as a business, so Stephen appreciates 360’s flexible and modern approach to the business of delivering legal services.   

He confirms, “This is the first time I’ve worked with a legal firm that is not location based and has virtual lawyers. It’s a format that works well for us and the flexibility seems to suit the lawyers too.  All our legal matters are now available online, plus I receive monthly timesheets to ensure everything is in order for invoicing.  This level of transparency gives me considerable confidence.  

“Last but not least, the 360 team is easy to work with. Their people are always very responsive and most importantly, deliver an excellent service with good outcomes. We always seem to need a lawyer whether it’s for an employment issue or an expert opinion on a contract, so I’m delighted to have 360 as part of our team.” 

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