Peter Wright,
President & CEO

The Challenge

“When we launched our business in 2013, we were in need of business-focused legal advice but weren’t really aware of any lawyers who would meet our needs, other than those from our previous company that we were then in competition with.”

The Solution

“We came across 360 Business Law through a previous director; we really liked their model and the relatively low rate appealed to us. Being a young company with limited resources, a legal services provider that allowed us to tap on and off to suit our needs was ideal.”

“Coming to three and a half years in, we decided we needed to raise funds. I spoke to Bob and asked how 360 Business Law could help. They effectively held our hands through the entire Private Equity fundraising exercise and guided us through the deal with ease. Having a specialist at the other end of the phone to sense check everything was great for us; with a lawyer available at a moment’s notice to navigate us through the Private Equity market and identify issues proactively, we were able to grow quickly, safe in the knowledge that our interests were protected at every stage.”

“Throughout the entire process, we felt comfortable just getting in touch to seek a bit of advice and run things by Bob – something we still do today. There’s always little things that they help our business with – from NDAs to licencing agreements, 360 Business Law are always there to give us the answers we need and carefully steer us in the right direction.”

What Made 360 Business Law Stand Out?

“Due to the nature of our business, a rapid response from our legal team is critical. Because we deal with major studios, we need legal experts we can call upon for an excellent service and fast turnaround. This is just one of the reasons I would recommend 360 Business Law. As well as their charging structure, their speed of turnaround is second to none: if we need something done or advice on a particular matter, we receive support either on the same day or the morning after, and that makes such a difference to our business.”

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