Jim Clark,

The Challenge

“Faced with a disparity between the quality of service and rising fees from our previous firm, I used the web to source a new legal partner for our business and came across 360 Business Law.”

“Naturally, I was sceptical at first.  The price seemed too good to be true, but I decided to give it a go.  We were in negotiation with a very large potential customer where a complex master document was required. We needed a firm who understood our business and the nuances of our industry, so we put 360 Business Law to the test.”

The Solution

“With our previous firm the costs would have escalated very quickly but conversely getting to the finish line would have been a very long-winded process.  From day one, the 360 Business Law team grasped the detailed aspects of the task and overlaid the operational and business requirements with appropriate professional and comprehensive legal protection.  They navigated us through the transaction, identifying all the risks, devising pragmatic solutions and offering proactive advice throughout.”

What Made 360 Business Law Stand Out?

“Other law firms in the past have provided us with the basic legal options but then sat on the fence leaving us to draw our own conclusions, whereas 360 Business Law were direct in telling us which routes to take to minimise risk.”

“Beyond the invaluable support 360 Business Law provided in this particular transaction, they have strengthened us as a business. Since working with them, we have reduced the risk in the business by improving our primary business contracts and solidifying our customer and supplier frameworks from a legal perspective.  As a consequence we’ve been able to expand our fleet, add to our income stream and increase our profits.  360 Business Law carried us over the line in transactions that could have easily stalled without that critical legal support.”

“As well as the obvious cost benefit to our business, the service provided by 360 Business Law is driven by enthusiasm, passion and efficiency.  Due to the volatile nature of our work, we need our lawyers to move quickly, and their responsiveness and speed of turnaround never fails to impress.”

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