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Rob Parkes,

Group Finance Director

Industry: Global Telecommunications

PM Connect has been instructing 360 Business Law since August 2017. We’ve supported its transition to an international model, offering commercial legal services across Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and South Africa. 360 Law Group’s global footprint, industry expertise, and flexibility are just three of the reasons PM Connect chose us.

PM Connect’s mission is to make in-demand content accessible to all, by placing it in consumers’ hands. It is an award-winning business that specialises in mobile distribution for major entertainment rights holders. It matches global brands with international mobile carriers, connecting them to new audiences, growing subscribers, and driving revenue.

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Headquartered in Birmingham, PM connect has a workforce of 45 located across four continents. Though its initial focus market was the U.K., it now works across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa.

We spoke to Rob Parkes, the Group Finance Director, about what PM Connect was seeking in a law firm and why it chose to instruct 360 Business Law.

What were PM Connect looking for in a law firm?

  1. An international law firm with a “global footprint”
  2. Industry-specific expertise
  3. Flexible legal services that adapt to their needs

Why 360 Business Law?

A law firm with a “global footprint”

The global expansion strategy of our business meant we needed an international law firm that could give succinct advice on commercial contracts.”

A law firm with industry-specific expertise

360 Business Law offered PM Connect the industry-specific commercial advice it was looking for. Our lawyers’ industry expertise means that they are already familiar with the technical jargon and are able to easily navigate the telecommunications commercial landscape.

A law firm that understood when to pick their battles

We needed lawyers that would adapt to our specific needs and that would pick the battles. 360 Law offers us the incisive overview that distinguishes between the absolute non-negotiables and the nice-to-haves.”

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