Jim Darragh,

The Challenge

Totalmobile required support with commercial and employment contracts throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. They also required litigation work to be undertaken on an intermittent basis. With an expanding business, there was pressure to co-ordinate legal services and ensure a fast and effective turnaround on all legal workload.

Their main goals were to:

  • Improve turnaround time of work;
  • Reduce legal expenditure;
  • Seek a provider that could offer consistent support;
  • Seek a service that scales with them.

The Solution

Jim Darragh, CEO of Totalmobile, had previously engaged with 360 Business Law at CMO Software (CMO). Jim was impressed with the subscription service model and saw an opportunity to reengage the team at Totalmobile. He knew the level of service 360 Business Law had provided to CMO on a global basis was of a high standard and would prove equally beneficial at Totalmobile, and so had no hesitation in recommending the firm to his board.

Robert, CEO of 360 Law Group, was introduced to the senior management team which enabled him to carry out a thorough examination of the companies processes and legal position, allowing him to make recommendations about the most appropriate package for Totalmobile.

After analysis of the companies goals and objectives, the team agreed on the following:

  • A fixed price subscription; with service level agreements for all commercial and employment contracts, giving Totalmobile clear visibility and control over their costs, and transparency around the turnaround time on critical work, ensuring deadlines are adhered to;
  • A reduced “member” hourly rate. Corporate and pre-litigation work would be carried out under the reduced member hourly rate model – a rate offered exclusively to subscription clients. This provided the flexibility they needed for intermittent service requirements.

What Made 360 Business Law Stand Out?

 “Having worked with Robert and his team previously, I knew the service would meet our criteria and provide the service we required, to an exceptionally high standard, at a realistic cost.”

“The benefits of one point of contact and a dispersed network of truly exceptional experts that are on-hand at a moment’s notice, is invaluable to us. We can contact them at any time; challenges are resolved within hours, and the quality of work is always exceptionally high.”

“We were happy to enter into an annual subscription agreement for a very reasonable fixed monthly fee that covers all our commercial and employment matters. This means we can budget effectively and there are no escalating costs. We have complete control over budgets. This is great news for a growing business.”

“Our savings are substantial, achieving over 60% cost reduction in our legal services expenditure.”

“And, because of their continued reliability and consistency within the quality of their work, we are looking to develop our relationship further to include corporate acquisition contracts.”

“Due to their innovative, technology-led business model, they have cut out the ‘middle-men’ and only work with 5 years plus qualified lawyers. They have eliminated the need for paralegals, trainees and junior staff. This is a huge benefit in terms of the fees they charge, which are substantially lower than any traditional law practice with high overheads.”

“Robert is innovative in his thinking and is constantly looking at ways to improve his service offerings for his clients.”

“360 Law Group put their clients first and are passionate about changing the way legal services are provided to businesses and private clients alike.”

“360 Law Group provide total transparency, lower costs, no compromise on the quality of work and guaranteed service levels.”

“The “known cost” in growing a business when the demand for services can be “spiky” is fundamental, along with access to very responsive services that have an intimate ongoing knowledge of our business and working practises – that’s key!”

“It’s great to work with a quality driven law service business that is innovate and passionate about changing the way law services are provided. I cannot recommend Robert and his team enough.”

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