Dispute Resolution

Disputes are disruptive at the best of times – however, the longer they last, the more emotionally-draining they can become. When disagreements evolve into complex conflicts and hope for a timely resolution starts to dwindle, seeking advice from a trusted dispute resolution lawyer is critical in achieving the best outcome with minimal fuss.

Whether it’s a workplace dispute, a problem with your landlord or an issue with a product or service you’ve received, understanding your legal rights and the options available to you at the earliest stage is key to protecting your interests.

How can we help?

Well-renowned in the field of dispute resolution, our dedicated lawyers draw on a diverse collection of client experiences to bring you a personalised service you can depend on no matter how difficult or far-advanced the situation. We know that disputes are a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean you should accept any outcome to bring an end to the conflict.

We utilise heavyweight lawyers in the field of corporate, commercial and employment law. Thanks to the expertise and experience they have accumulated in their respective disciplines, our clients benefit from quick and efficient resolution – no matter how far along or heated the conflict has become. Our priority is to help you keep the costs down, minimise the disruption caused by disputes and secure an outcome that is fair and reflective of your requirements. Should you seek practical advice and representation to achieve the right outcome, you can rely on our team for comprehensive support that is realistic in nature and designed to protect your interests.

At 360 Business Law, we pride ourselves in our ability to solve complex problems with little disruption. Once we have taken the time to assess the unique situation and understand your objectives, we can help you to determine the best approach in securing a fair result that meets your needs, be it through Mediation, Arbitration, Adjudication or Litigation.

While we will always aim to settle matters outside of court where possible, we recognise there are cases in which formal legal proceedings are unavoidable. With a highly experienced legal team on hand for strategic advice and representation, you can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned as we work to secure a fair outcome – be it in the courtroom or at the bargaining table.

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