360 Business Law offers offers comprehensive tax services that cover the full spectrum of international tax issues, ensuring compliance and optimisation across all jurisdictions.

Tax law encompasses the regulations that govern the imposition and collection of taxes by government authorities on a global scale. It involves a set of rules, regulations, and principles that dictate the rights and obligations of businesses operating internationally, specifically regarding their tax liabilities and compliance obligations.

Our global tax services cover a wide spectrum of taxes, including income tax, corporate tax, value-added tax (VAT), capital gains tax, inheritance tax, and others. We address vital matters such as international tax planning, tax structuring, tax reporting, and tax dispute resolution.

This area of law focuses on determining taxable events, calculating the tax liabilities, and establishing the procedures for filing tax returns and making tax payments. It also navigates regulations related to international tax incentives, deductions, exemptions, and credits that businesses may be eligible for.

Tax law aims to ensure fairness, equity, and efficiency in the global tax system. It establishes the powers and responsibilities of tax authorities, outlines the rights and protections of taxpayers, and sets out the mechanisms for resolving disputes between taxpayers and tax authorities.

Understanding tax law is essential for global businesses to fulfill their tax obligations, minimise tax liabilities within legal boundaries, and navigate the complexities of international tax regulations. Compliance with global tax laws is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the tax system and supporting the functioning of public services and government programs.


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Income Tax

This area of tax law focuses on the taxation of individuals’ and entities’ income, including wages, salaries, self-employment income, rental income, and investment income. It covers the determination of taxable income, applicable tax rates, deductions, credits, and reporting requirements.

Corporate Tax

This aspect deals with the taxation of profits earned by corporations and other business entities. It encompasses issues such as the determination of taxable income, deductions, tax rates, tax incentives, transfer pricing, and reporting requirements specific to corporate entities.

Value Added Tax (VAT) and Sales Tax

VAT/Sales tax law pertains to the taxation of goods and services at each stage of production and distribution. It covers the registration and collection of VAT/Sales tax by businesses, input tax credits, exemptions, threshold limits, and compliance obligations related to VAT/Sales tax reporting.

Capital Gains Tax

This area focuses on the taxation of the profits arising from the sale or disposal of capital assets, such as real estate, stocks, bonds, and business assets. It involves determining the taxable gains, applicable rates, exemptions, and reporting requirements for capital gains.

Inheritance Tax

This aspect deals with the taxation of estates and gifts transferred upon death or during a person’s lifetime. It covers the determination of taxable value, tax rates, exemptions, reliefs, and compliance obligations related to inheritance tax.

International Taxation

This area addresses the tax implications of cross-border transactions, investments, and income earned by individuals and entities operating in multiple jurisdictions. It involves issues such as double taxation agreements, transfer pricing, controlled foreign corporation rules, and foreign tax credits.

Tax Planning and Structuring

This aspect focuses on legally organising financial affairs and transactions to minimise tax liabilities. It involves utilizing tax-efficient strategies, entity selection, investment planning, and utilising available tax incentives and deductions.

Tax Compliance and Reporting

This area deals with the obligations of individuals and businesses to comply with tax laws, file tax returns, and maintain adequate records. It includes meeting deadlines, fulfilling disclosure requirements, responding to tax audits, and addressing tax reporting obligations.

Tax Dispute Resolution

This aspect involves the procedures and mechanisms for resolving disputes and disagreements between taxpayers and tax authorities. It includes administrative appeals, negotiation, alternative dispute resolution methods, and litigation in tax courts or tribunals.

Tax Policy and Legislation

This area focuses on the development and implementation of tax policies and the enactment of tax legislation. It involves analyzing economic impacts, studying tax incentives, and proposing changes to tax laws to achieve desired social and economic objectives.


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