Financial difficulties befall businesses for a myriad of reasons. Be it a simple misjudgement, mismanagement or wider economic pressures, the best plans can often go awry.

Whatever your situation, specialist legal advice can make a world of difference in how you proceed. Our restructuring and insolvency lawyers take pride in their delicate but determined approach; the global client base we serve trust us to advice on rescue or restructuring initiatives and find the most favorable outcome.

When it comes to corporate recovery, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether your business is in a crisis or you are owed monies by an organization facing financial trouble, we will take the time to understand your needs and priorities before devising an appropriate strategy for recovery.

Our restructuring and insolvency lawyers regularly act for directors, stakeholders, accountants, creditors and insolvency office holders to provide pragmatic advice and commercially astute solutions in the face of a crisis. In order to deliver holistic advice, we take advantage of the expertise available throughout our firm, working closely with colleagues specializing in employment, corporate, tax and intellectual property.



Entering administration allows directors of a business the breathing space from creditors’ claims to explore prospects for rescuing the company. During administration, a licensed insolvency practitioner will manage the company’s affairs. We recommend instructing a specialist insolvency lawyer to provide tailored advice on the options available and viability of each approach. Our team bring years of experience helping corporate clients of all sizes to navigate financial difficulties; we can guide you through the formal process of administration and provide clear advice on how to proceed in this often time-sensitive situation.

Company restructures and refinancing

Challenging economic pressures make for tough trading conditions. Whatever the reason your business is facing financial difficulty, our priority as your specialist legal team is to help you devise the best way forward. The insolvency of your business is not an untenable situation, and there may be a number of options to help you rescue the business. Depending on the circumstances, restructuring the company to change the financial, operational or legal structure may help to make it more efficient. Refinancing debt could aid you in taking advantage of improved financial conditions in the market. In any case, our specialist lawyers bring the expertise necessary to help your business put itself in a stronger position.

Directors’ duties

Balancing your duties as a director isn’t easy when the business is faced with financial distress. If keeping the ship afloat wasn’t enough pressure, directors must continue to comply with their responsibilities as set out in the Companies Act 2006. Our lawyers can work with you to help you avoid serious risk by advising on cash flow, providing guidance on board meetings, representing you through any wrongful or fraudulent trading claims and protecting your business’ interests in the long-term. We appreciate the delicacy of the situation and will strive to achieve a favorable outcome, no matter how big or small your company.


If your company is headed towards liquidation, whether voluntary or compulsory, it helps to have the clear thinking of an expert legal team behind you. When appointed, our dedicated insolvency lawyers will provide pragmatic support to help you settle any legal disputes or outstanding contracts as well as meeting administrative deadlines and keeping authorities involved. We understand that such situations can be highly stressful, so our aim is to lift some of the pressures associated with insolvency and liquidation by taking control of the process and providing clarity throughout.

Recovery claims

When a company becomes insolvent, recovering the money you are owed from them isn’t always the most straight-forward prospect. In these complex situations, seeking the support of a specialist debt recovery lawyer is paramount in securing a favorable outcome – be it negotiating repayments over an agreed period of time or commencing court proceedings to recover the amount you are owed. You can count on our team to assess the viability of your claim and draw on decades of experience in this area to advise on the best route forward.

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