Watertight commercial contracts are the glue that binds business relationships and an enterprise’s most valuable asset in surviving adversity.

At 360 Business Law we have a team of commercial contract lawyers who regularly advise clients on all aspects of commercial contracts including but not limited to industries such as manufacturing, technology, banking and finance, retail, hospitality and the public sector.

We have extensive experience drafting and negotiating commercial contracts pertaining to various aspects of business and across diverse industries. Our lawyers bring a minimum of five years of post-qualification experience to the table and substantial industry expertise. We’ve worked with early-stage startups, fast-growing scale-ups and established businesses, offering bespoke legal advice particular to each business’ needs.

However, every commercial contract is different. That’s why we prioritise taking the time to understand you and your business, your specific legal context and aims, and draw on the industry expertise of our solicitors. We work closely with you to produce a contract that is tailored to your requirements and ensure that all contracting parties understand, and are satisfied with, the terms of the agreement.

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Agency Agreements

Agency agreements help businesses focus on practical and commercial issues when entering into a relationship with an individual (agent). Our team of commercial contract solicitors first take the time to understand the intended nature of relationship between your company and the agent. We then work with you to draft, and negotiate an agreement that robustly outlines the terms of your relationship, whilst minimising liability and protecting you from dispute.

Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements

Businesses holding confidential information, trade secrets or intellectual property need to take the proper steps to protect their data. This is why having a strong non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place is recommended. We support a wide range of UK entities across a variety of sectors in writing, agreeing, and enforcing confidentiality agreements and NDAs that protect their businesses whilst also protecting the interests of relevant third parties.

Franchising Agreements

Franchising is a well-known strategy for expanding your business Our franchising solicitors advise on all aspects of franchising law, including Intellectual Property Law, pre-contractual disclosure documents, purchase and sale of an existing franchise, taxation and other laws in relation to franchise contracts.

Sale & Distribution Agreements

Sales and distribution agreements enable any third party to sell their goods or services in a jurisdiction without having to establish themselves in that particular territory. Our advisory services include but are not limited to: strategy and oversight with regards to supply chain arrangements, guidance on sale and distribution terms, and risk analysis and mitigation. We also offer expertise in international intellectual property laws, competition laws and exit strategies, helping to protect your business from liability even when operating in a third-jurisdiction.

Service Agreements

In order to establish a long-term, fruitful commercial arrangement, it is always recommended to have a comprehensive service agreement in place that outlines all terms clearly to ensure adequate protection from liability or dispute. Our team of expert lawyers have extensive experience in drafting service agreements, with particular expertise in restrictive covenants and their enforcement, intellectual property, insurance requirements, regulatory and statutory requirements, limitation of liabilities, cross border service agreements, TUPE and the possibility of it arising under the service agreements, remuneration terms dispute resolution terms, and negotiations.

Business Terms & Conditions

Clearly defined terms of business not only reduce the risk of disputes and potential litigations but also limit the liability of the businesses whilst strengthening their reputation. Our commercial contract solicitors advise on specific terms of business, their enforceability, suggest relevant updates in already drafted terms and conditions, as well as offering oversight with regards to industry-specific compliance or necessary changes necessitated by new legislations or regulations.

Intellectual Property Contracts

Intellectual Property Law has seen some radical changes in recent years. Extensive understanding of key legislative provision and how these are to be implemented within your business is crucial, especially as our reliance on technology and data increases . In our advisory pertaining to intellectual property contracts, our expert lawyers offer guidance on non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, database rights, policies governing websites and their data,as well as contracts with third parties.

Commercial Contracts Law Team

  • All our Solicitors, Barrister and Attorneys hold an average of 15+ years of experience in their specialised areas.
  • We serve clients in over 70 Jurisdictions.
  • We provide a single senior point of contact for the entire scope, our clients don’t have to deal with Paralegals, trainees or junior lawyers.
  • Our team comprises of more than 400 lawyers, with extensive expertise in their respective practice areas.
  • Our team of legal experts is spread out in 70+ jurisdictions allowing our clients to expand their businesses without having to worry about hiring new counsel each time.


1. What do commercial contract lawyers do?

Our commercial contract lawyers assist businesses and individuals with a variety of commercial agreements dealing with the sale/purchase and supply/distribution of goods and services, as well as identifying and establishing favourable work practices.

2. What are some examples of commercial contracts?

Commercial contracts include but are not limited to the following:
● Joint venture agreement.
● Shareholders agreement.
● Business purchase agreement.
● Purchase and supply agreement.
● Sale and distribution agreement.
● Franchise agreement.
● Non-disclosure agreement.
● Employment contracts.

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