Adam Kaczko

Country Director , Poland


Adam is a proficient Polish Attorney-at-Law (radca prawny), demonstrating an expansive understanding of and experience in both Polish and international civil law, business law, corporate and contract law, along with a specialized focus on commercial litigation and dispute resolution.

Fluently conversant in both English and German, Adam brings a wealth of experience to the table, having provided insightful legal advice to a broad spectrum of entrepreneurs from countries such as Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and more, all conducting their businesses within Poland.

Adam’s professional expertise primarily lies in contract law, corporate law, and employment law. However, his legal acumen extends to real estate law and IP/IT law as well. Additionally, he excels in managing commercial dispute resolution and litigation processes, showcasing a steadfast commitment to safeguarding and promoting his clients’ interests.


Admitted to the Gdansk Bar Association of Attorneys at Law in 2014.

Employment History

Adam has been associated with top-tier International Polish law firms since 2011, enhancing his proficiency in various aspects of Polish and international law.


  • Graduated law at the University of Gdansk in 2009.
  • Completed an LL.M. program at the University of Cologne (Germany) in 2010.


  • Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Gdansk Bar Association since 2019
  • Member of the New Technologies Committee of the Gdansk Bar Association since 2022.
  • Vice Chair of the IT Committee of the AEA – EAL European Association of Lawyers since 2023

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