Laurence Poussot,
Chief Accounting Officer

The Challenge

“Having invested heavily in the EMEA operations, expanding our in-country and regional teams, we needed a legal partner who truly understood the regulatory environment.”

“Prior to working with 360 Business Law, we had an American company assisting us with governance, risk and compliance, but it was sporadic and would take time since it was an American firm attempting to deal with EU requests. It quickly became evident that if we wanted to deploy the region of EMEA, we needed someone who didn’t only possess the legal expertise and knowledge on the regulatory differences of European countries but also had the cultural awareness to successfully navigate negotiations and avoid
misunderstandings. If we wanted our EU expansion to be a success, we needed a partner who was closer to the realities of our customers.”

The Solution

“When I was introduced to 360 Business Law, I immediately knew the team had the technological expertise to work with our company. After all, you can spend hours looking at a legal agreement, but if you don’t have a technical background, you may not
understand the nuances and won’t be able to advance quickly. Their understanding of the software market was one of the key reasons we chose 360 Business Law as our legal partner.”

“Another was access to local knowledge. Before working with 360 Business Law, I would never have accepted documents in any foreign language for fear of something being lost in translation.”

“Since 360 Business Law were able to offer us access to specialist consultant lawyers who work in such languages, I can now trust my lawyers to make sure everything is in order within all legal agreements. In turn, the sales cycle is significantly reduced.”

“If I didn’t have a firm that we could instruct on a retainer basis, I would never have deployed those regions and taken a lawyer in each EU country. Instead, I would have had to wait for the countries to grow themselves until we could afford a lawyer. The choice for us was either to put the upfront investment into a local lawyer who charged by the hour and hope the business would grow or to find a specialist firm on a fixed fee who would allow us to develop our business in new regions and predict our legal spend from the outset.”

What Made 360 Business Law Stand Out?

“I would definitely recommend 360 Business Law and I try to tell as many as I can about their services. Every lawyer I talk to is pragmatic, responsive and well-versed in their knowledge. Unlike traditional lawyers, their approach is not old-fashioned – it is business-oriented and designed to equip clients with the expertise they need to navigate modern markets.”

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