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So, you qualified as a barrister, solicitor, or an overseas qualified lawyer and have gained experience in your chosen area of expertise.

What’s next? Years of working in a salaried position that doesn’t reflect your effort or experience? Working long hours away from your family for no real reward, in the hope that one day you may become a partner of the firm or General Counsel of the business?

Is there another option?

  • The answer is yes – many experienced lawyers are discovering the benefits of working as freelance consultant lawyers.
  • Becoming a freelance consultant lawyer with 360 Business Law means you are joining an experienced global team, without the constraints generally associated with a traditional law practice.
  • We provide you with as much work as is manageable.
  • Receive income on workload you refer that’s outside your area of expertise.
  • Obtain a generous fee share on work you generate yourself but put through our company.
  • We provide you with a state of the art cloud based infrastructure to allow you to control your workload and billing.
  • An exceptional business support team to help you achieve the best results.

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