Christine Haager

Dyrektor krajowy , Austria


Christine Haager is an impassioned and tenacious lawyer. Her vibrant energy and bold personality are unmistakable. Drawing from her Italian and Austrian heritage, Christine infuses an international flavor into her life and work.

A natural orator, Christine is forthright in sharing her thoughts, inviting engaging debates and fruitful discussions. Her ambitions are high, embodied in her dual roles as a professional athlete and a disciplined lawyer. This blend of legal acumen and athletic prowess underscores Christine’s determination and focus.


Christine Haager was admitted to the Austrian Bar Association, solidifying her standing as a certified legal professional. Further advancing her credentials, she also gained admittance as a Compliance Manager. Throughout her substantial career spanning more than 23 years, Christine has demonstrated her expertise in the legal realm, holding prominent roles both as an external Lawyer and as an In-House Legal Counsel. Her extensive experience and commitment to her craft have solidified her reputation as a skilled and trusted legal professional.

Historia zatrudnienia

Christine spent nearly 15 years as an Attorney at Law in top-tier international law firms, honing her skills and building a robust legal career. At the onset of her career, Christine also devoted nearly four years to Telekom Austria as a Legal Adviser, and currently operates as Head of Legal & Compliance for Coface, showcasing her versatility across different industry sectors.

In her career, Christine has had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients across the US, UK, Spain, Europe at large, and Russia. This experience, combined with her linguistic abilities in English, German, and Spanish, equips her with an enriched perspective and a broad, interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving.

Moreover, Christine’s education isn’t limited to law. She holds a fundamental education in Compliance and Business Administration, which further augments her comprehensive approach in tackling legal and business challenges. It’s through this multi-disciplinary lens that Christine continues to demonstrate her versatility and effectiveness as a trusted legal professional.


  • Law Study Master and PHD
  • Austrian Bar Exam
  • Business Administration Master Study
  • Compliance Manager Course 1 Year – certified Compliance Manager
  • Project Management Studies 1 Year

Najważniejsze wydarzenia

  • Acting as Head of Legal and Compliance and Management at a large Credit Insurance firm
  • Registered Lawyer in Top Tier Law Firms