Subscription Legal Services

The only law firm to provide Subscription Legal Services on a global basis.

At 360 Business Law, we believe that efficiency is the key to success. So, in order to be successful, you must identify the areas in which your business could be more efficient.

Take legal services, for instance.

Most businesses will pay a law firm as and when they need advice or assistance through a specific issue they are facing. That lawyer will analyse the situation and offer their solution to the problem, receive their bill and be on their way. If another legal issue arises and poses a challenge to the business, they will go through the same process, paying the law firm once again for their input. As the law firm can’t guarantee long-term repeat business, it needs to make as much profit as it can from such periodic instruction.

This is how legal services have been offered to businesses since the beginning. But perhaps it’s not the most efficient or cost effective.

Tired of watching companies get over-charged for minimal work, our business lawyers set out to provide an innovative service that changed the game and truly benefited businesses on a long-term basis.

We do things differently.

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At 360 Business Law, we offer a subscription based legal service for companies looking to grow their business at home and internationally. Instead of providing advice for each individual issue when it arises, we agree a package of bespoke services with our clients, usually commercial contracts and employment, delivered to strict SLA’s for any/all jurisdictions where they need to trade, for a set monthly fee that does not increase, irrespective of volumes of work, for 12 months.

99% of our clients utilise our subscription legal services for commercial contracts and employment law and pay less money than they could employ a single qualified lawyer in the UK! Except with us, they get a team of highly qualified lawyers covering a multitude of areas of law, in various jurisdictions, included in the monthly fee.

And unlike employees – our lawyers are always on hand 365 days a year – no sick days or holidays!

And if volumes of workload increase – we provide more lawyers – at no additional cost and turnaround workload on time, every time!

Need more than Commercial and employment advice and services?

No problem – All of our Subscription Legal Service clients have access to our entire global base of qualified Solicitors, Barristers and Overseas Attorneys on an hourly rate basis.

There’s no catch. Just a brand new, refreshing approach to the industry. By offering cost-effective support throughout your commercial endeavours, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing a team of professionals will be protecting your best interests at all times. See what our clients have to say.

This is what makes our Subscription Legal Services stand out; a cost effective, all encompassing solution to the on-going issues your company will face over a period of time.

Once contracted, our charges will not increase for 12 months: you will simply pay an agreed monthly fee that will give you access to a team of accomplished legal professionals as and when you need us.

How does it work?

All businesses are unique. From their past achievements to their future ambitions, each company has a different story to tell. That’s why we place great importance in getting to know your business before getting to work.

Our first step will be to gain an in-depth understanding of your business: your workload, the current challenges you are facing, your staff-base, your objectives and your plan for the next year. Once we feel engaged with your unique business needs, our work can begin.

After we have met to discuss your commercial and practical aims, our lawyers will provide you with a proposal of what’s in scope, along with a fixed price for the year based on the work we will undertake.

During this time, the price will never increase, and we will never send you a surprise bill with mysterious added costs. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’re paying for, rather than crossing your fingers and hoping you’re getting value for money.

From the practices and paperwork of employment law to commercial contracts for clients and suppliers, to the complexities of corporate law and debt dispute, our subscription legal service allows our clients complete peace of mind knowing that the legal aspects of running a business are in the safe hands of experts.

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