Would you build your house without first laying foundations? Likely not, and yet so many businesses put off implementing robust terms and conditions due to lack of time, funds or inclination. Research shows that each year businesses are likely to experience a significant legal problem that on average will cost them over £6k.

Typically, that significant legal problem could have been solved by doing something really simple, like putting a one page agreement in place or by following certain procedures. It’s almost always cheaper to go with prevention rather than the cure.

You can protect your business and personal assets by having the right documents in place – that include provisions to limit your liability, protect your key assets and generally give you the upper hand.

Show your clients that you’re a professional outfit and a business to be taken seriously by having professional contracts and other documents in place, comply with all the new laws (including GDPR and PECR) and avoid paying hefty fines and more importantly ruining your reputation, protect your name and logo easily and ensure that your content isn’t stolen, by your customers or competitors.

Finally, you can sleep easy at night knowing that you’re not going to lose your business, your car and your home – without it costing you a fortune to get the right protection in place.

*This short blog was based on a webinar hosted on May 26th, 2020. You can watch the full webinar on-demand here https://www.360lawgroup.co.uk/webinars/

Erika Moralez-Perez | 360 Business Law Counsel

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