Since our last update before the Easter break, Theresa May’s zombie government has continued to stutter and splutter their way to the finish line of a no-deal Brexit.

If things couldn’t get any worse, party leaders in both Scotland (House SNP) and Wales (House Plaid Cymru) have once again requested a right to an independence referendum if they are forced to exit the European Union without a further referendum.

Just over the horizon however there are foreign forces at work. The EU has put the wheels in motion for the European Parliamentary elections to take place, with an estimated 100-million-pound cost to the British Taxpayer. If Theresa May is to prevent this wasteful distraction, she will have to put her deal back through parliament faster than the Easter Bank Holiday that just flew by. If, however she is unsuccessful, many have coined the 2019 European Parliamentary elections as Brexit vs Remain Pt 2.

Polling for this week shows a once again divided nation, with no clear majority for any of the parties representing the great British public. Two of the front runners are the Labour Party (33%) led by Corbyn and the Brexit Party (17%) led by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Theresa May and her Government Poll at 18% creating an almighty 68% majority in favour of leave backing political parties.

While the country cannot decide on which party to represent them, there are growing signs the public are ready to move on from Brexit. If ChangeUK and the Liberal Democrats are to mount an unlikely comeback to claim a victory from these European Elections, they better act fast.

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