Chahira Ben Abdallah

Diretor Nacional , Tunísia


Chahira is a driven and highly ambitious attorney specializing in commercial litigation and international corporate law. She brings forth a comprehensive understanding of International agreements, public and private international laws, as well as Intellectual Property laws, and Entertainment law.

Her exceptional skill set includes rigorous legal research, acute analysis, and argument development. Moreover, she is proficient in drafting precise legal documents, and international agreements, as well as presenting persuasive arguments at hearings. She is also skilled in meticulous case preparation for trials.

Chahira has earned a reputation for her outstanding work ethic and being a dedicated team player. Her perseverance, commitment, and team-first mentality make her an invaluable asset in any legal team, contributing to successful outcomes and fostering a positive work environment.


Member of the National Tunisian Bar since June 2001.

Histórico de emprego

  • Independent Law Practice – August 2020 – Present
  • Senior Partner – January 2008 – July 2020
  • Junior Lawyer – June 2001 – December 2007


  • Boston University School of Law 1996 LLM (Masters Degree in International Banking Laws and Regulations)
  • La Faculté des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques et Sociales de Tunis 1994 LLB Bachelors Degree in Private and Public Law

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