V-Sign was born

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we were contacted by a firm of accountants to discuss the plight of Insolvency Practitioners being unable to operate due to Solicitors not being available to witness documents.

Within days, alongside a client, we developed the V-Sign Service, and trained our Solicitors to use the platform to remotely witness documents.

Within a week of us launching the V-Sign service, Companies House confirmed that it would accept declarations of solvency sworn via video. Although the V-Sign system was initially developed for Insolvency Practitioners and the signing of “Declarations of Solvency”, the system is not restricted to this type of document. In fact, any statutory document can be signed remotely using V-Sign, with the exception of a deed.


What does V-Sign do?

A new service that enables our Solicitors to hold video calls, validate identity documents and digitally sign documents such as declarations of solvency in the same session.

All the signed documents and a copy of the video recording of the session are available for download by you for 30 days after the V-Sign session.

To book a session, simply download and complete the V-Sign checklist, fill out the form and attach the complete document, and one of our Solicitors will contact you within one business day.

V-Sign Remote Witnessing - 360 Business Law Download our V-Sign Checklist

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