We are the only law firm to provide Subscription Legal Services on a global basis

  • Do you sell your products or services on contracts?
  • Do your clients regularly require changes to your contracts?
  • Do you operate in multiple overseas jurisdictions?
  • Do you employ staff?

A Better Way

There is now a better way of receiving high quality legal services from experienced lawyers, wherever you trade worldwide, at a fraction of the fees charged by traditional law firms – and even more cost effective than our own low cost country hourly rates.

Our Commercial Subscription Service

Our commercial and contracts Subscription Legal Service is perfect for companies who sell products and/or services in situations where:

i)    their throughput of contracts is high and their customers frequently require changes;
ii)   they contract using large complex agreements that require significant drafting, negotiations and amendments or knowledge;
iii)  their customers insist on using their own contracts;
iv)  or a variety of other contracting scenarios that require legal time and skill.

Our commercial and contracts service also covers the supply side of your business, so you can be assured that your sales contracts reflect terms and conditions imposed on you by your suppliers.

Our commercial and contracts service is ideal for companies that either do not employ an internal lawyer, or where their internal lawyer:

i)  needs support in areas of law outside of their skillset;
ii) needs support at busy times; or
iii) requires support in overseas jurisdictions where the company doesn’t have legal support.

Find out what our Subscription Service covers, how it works and how we cost the service.

Click the image below to download our Subscription Services Brochure.

Built in Service Levels

And that’s not all, 360 Business Law America also provides a guaranteed 48 hour Service Level Agreement on your go-to-market template contracts, and therefore eliminates issues that can affect sales, such as absences and staff holidays, or insufficient legal support at month, quarter and year end, to name but a few.

If volumes of workload increase – we simply provide additional lawyers – at no additional cost, and we turnaround workload on time, every time.

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