At last a truly global low-cost law firm that’s easy to do business with

We believe in keeping things simple, the law may be complex, but that doesn’t mean that dealing with a law firm needs to be complicated, even on a global basis.

We act for a wide range of clients across multiple industry sectors, from start-ups; mid-market companies and government departments, through to NASDAQ listed companies in the US and FTSE 250 listed organisations in the UK. We help companies establish themselves in new markets and to do business in the most cost-effective manner possible.

With a large, highly skilled team of lawyers spread across an ever growing number of countries, established to satisfy our clients workload demands, we are re-writing the rule book as to the way legal services should be provided to clients, and the fees they should pay.

If you operate, or are looking to operate overseas, it is vital that you partner with the right team of legal advisers, and that they are not only skilled in the local law, but also in respect of the local culture and custom.

Owing to the structure of traditional law firms, even where they operate in multiple jurisdictions, it’s likely that a client will have to contract separately with each jurisdiction in which the client wants representation, as there is no central global administration! That’s not the case with 360 Business Law America.

Our law firm covers over 60 countries and brings together more than 200 highly qualified lawyers

We believe doing business, even on a global basis, should be easy. And with us, it is.

A client can choose to contract with us in the USA or the UK, and we will administrate their entire global workload, through a single point of access, wherever they need legal advice or services globally. And at the end of each month, quarter, or project, as the case may be, they will receive one single invoice, detailing the services we have provided worldwide.

Also, being a high-tech law firm, our proprietary state-of-the-art case and time management web and mobile portal allows our clients to see which lawyer is dealing with their work, the status of their matter, the hours expended and yes – even the bill – how unusual you might say – true transparent pricing from a law firm!

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We have achieved many firsts as a disruptive law firm, but one we are still very proud of is that we are possibly the only law firm that offers Global Subscription Legal Services – where a company can join and receive legal advice and services in every country in which we operate, within a single fixed subscription fee that doesn’t increase for 12-months.

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