Be it your manufacturing process or your product formula, intellectual property protection is critical to the success of your company

Should it fall into the wrong hands, the economic advantage you have over your competitors is lost; the lifeblood that fuels innovation is compromised and your position in the market undermined. At 360 Business Law America, we work with companies across a wealth of industries to identify risk and implement the necessary measures to keep your IP guarded.

From intellectual property audits to assess the risk landscape to strategies for protection including patents, trademarks and copyrights, you can count on our dedicated team to strengthen the security of your trade secrets and represent your interests in the event of IP theft.


Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights

The transfer or ‘assignment’ of intellectual property rights is a process whereby the owner of the IP rights transfers all or part of their rights to another party upon the payment of royalties. Known for our attention-to-detail and vast experience in the field of IP, our lawyers can assist in the transfer of IP rights trough drafting and negotiation whether a standalone assignment as part of a larger corporate deal.

Audits of Intellectual Property Rights

We work with clients in sectors such as IT and telecommunications to conduct a full review of their IP assets, IP related agreements, policies and procedures and related risks. Upon completion of an IP audit, our lawyers will implement best practices for IP asset management.


From your logo to your strapline, your company’s branding is uniquely yours – its is inextricably bound with your reputation and can be seen as a signpost for trust. Protecting this key element of your intellectual property is essential in staking out your spot in the market and preventing competitors from encroaching on your territory. As your dedicated IP lawyers, we can advise on the best methods for protecting your brand and assist with licensing issues, contracts and assignments.

Copyright and Database Rights

Copyright is the key to protecting valuable assets from infringement. Our dedicated team provides reliable advice on copyright and database issues to businesses across the globe. Working closely with our clients to minimise risk, we offer assessments on liability and strategic guidance in the early stages of intellectual property disputes, our skillset spanning from traditional infringement cases to matters associated with digital technology such as screen-scraping.


Recognised for their knowledge in intellectual property protection, businesses across the UK and beyond depend on our lawyers for strategic advice surrounding designs and protections. Bringing a thorough understanding of Community and UK design law, we can assist in resolving licenscing issues, contracts and assignments.

Dispute Resolution

Offering extensive experience in the field of intellectual property law, our team is committed to protecting your interests through IP disputes through mediation, arbitration or litigation where necessary.

Exploitation Arrangements

Protecting your intellectual property from infringement is our top priority. Working with clients across a broad range of sectors, we draft and negotiate complex exploitation arrangements designed to cover the entire scope of their intellectual property rights.


With experience assisting clients both domestically and internationally to manage, protect, exploit and litigate their patents around the world, our first-class intellectual property team have the technical knowledge to help you apply for patents on new inventions, designs or processes, enabling your business to reap tangible benefits from R&D and establish your brand as a leader in its field.

Protection of Confidential Information

With company data becoming increasingly accessible through portable devices, there has never been a better time to clamp down on protection of confidential business information. Our dedicated team can help your company to implement robust protection strategies to safeguard trade secrets, public information, confidential data and information that amounts to skill and knowledge of an employee.

Trademarks and Branding

Protecting your brand’s value is our top priority. Our team combines the skills of IP attorneys, trade mark attorneys and professionals to provide you with all-encompassing advice in protecting your brand and trademarks.

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