Disputes are part and parcel of commercial life. The damage they do to a business often depends on how they are dealt with

When they arise, disputes can cause stress and frustration for leaders, stealing focus away from key objectives to one tedious, time-consuming dispute. Swift resolution is the key to minimising the fallout from a conflict and keeping the costs to a minimum. At 360 Business Law America, our dedicated dispute resolution lawyers work with a broad range of organizations to bring costly disputes to an acceptable ending.

Where possible, we will always aim to settle matters outside of court, exploring alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration in the first instance. That said, we recognise there are cases in which formal legal proceedings are unavoidable. With a highly experienced legal team on hand for strategic advice and representation, you can rest assured that no stone will be left unturned as we work to secure a fair outcome – be it in the courtroom or at the bargaining table.


Agency Disputes

Our lawyers are well-versed in the field of agency disputes, having represented a broad range of businesses both agent and client-side to secure a favourable outcome with minimal fuss. Should you be involved in a disagreement regarding a breach of contract or regulatory obligation, we can provide robust and reliable legal support to achieve swift resolution.


Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution that calls on an arbitrator to settle a conflict and is commonly used to achieve a suitable outcome outside of litigation. With a long history of resolving complex conflicts outside of court proceedings, our experienced team is on hand to help you put your best foot forward and protect your interests every step of the way.

Breach of Fiduciary Duties

A fiduciary duty is a legal or ethical relationship of confidence or trust between two or more parties. If you are seen to be in breach of your fiduciary duty, the consequences can be severe. Our lawyers can provide hands-on support in responding to allegations and offer strategic advice on the best course of action in defending your business.


Commercial disputes are both costly and time-consuming to all parties involved. Recognised internationally for our abilities in commercial dispute resolution, our experienced team is here to help your business achieve the best outcome in a reasonable timeframe. You can count on us for pragmatic legal guidance and representation throughout the process, advising as to when cases should be fought and when confidential resolution methods such as mediation are the best course of action.


When it comes to construction disputes, we appreciate the need to find timely solutions that protect your interests, whether you’re a funder, developer, employer, contractor, sub-contractors or consultant. Drawing on the vast experience and deep sector knowledge of our construction law , we support our clients through every step of the dispute resolution process, whether through mediated negotiations, arbitration or court proceedings.


Defamation, libel and slander can have a serious impact on the reputation your business has worked hard to build. Prompt legal action is essential in minimizing the damage and reaching a positive outcome as quickly as possible. We provide advice and dedicated support throughout the process to reduce the damage caused by a false claim, be it spoken defamation or a libellous claim that has been published or broadcast.

Director’s Duties

Business success hinges on strong leadership. When relationships at the Board of Directors level break down, bitterly fought disputes between directors can wreak havoc on the day to day operations and long-term ambitions of a business. We work carefully to devise solutions that satisfy all parties, investigating your position in detail to present options that protect your interests. If a settlement is not achievable without litigation, you can call upon our lawyers for representation through court proceedings.

Franchising Disputes

The complex nature of franchising agreements means disputes are unfortunately not uncommon. Our lawyers are here to assist and advise you at every stage of the dispute avoidance and resolution process, working to resolve otherwise costly disputes through mediation or arbitration. If court proceedings are unavoidable, we will provide dedicated representation to achieve the best possible outcome.

Insurance Claims

When it comes to disputes surrounding insurance claims, it’s best to act fast to resolve before matters escalate and cause further disruption and financial risk. Our team is on hand to support your business in the event that disputes should arise surrounding issues including undertakings, underwritings, covenants, direct agreements and brokerage.

Intellectual Property Disputes

We appreciate the importance of protecting your brand and the assets that you have worked hard to create. Our dispute resolution team has broad experience in representing clients in conflicts relating to the development, licensing and protection of all forms of intellectual property including trademarks, patents, trade secrets and copyright.


Court proceedings are rarely the preferred method of achieving resolution. However, in certain instances, litigation will be unavoidable in bringing a conflict to the right conclusion. We understand how disruptive disputes can become and will always work tirelessly to secure the best outcome within a reasonable timeframe. Having represented a diverse range of national and international clients through commercial disputes, you can count on our heavyweight lawyers to defend your priorities with drive and determination.


Be it a clash of interests, a breach of contract or an ongoing dispute over intellectual property, our lawyers have a proven track record of bringing business disputes to a reasonable and timely conclusion. Where possible, we will always seek to minimise the costs and disruption that can come with a courtroom battle through alternative dispute resolution. Mediation relies upon the willingness of both parties to resolve and settle on an outcome. Our dedicated team is here to help you secure an outcome that suits your needs.

Partnerships and LLPs Disputes

The sensitive and often complex nature of partnership disputes can benefit considerably from the services of a legal team to advise with confidence and achieve resolution in a timely manner. We regularly work with partnerships and LLPs to assist in resolving disputes such as those relating to restrictive covenants, valuation issues, partner expulsions and compulsory retirements.

Property Disputes

Property disputes have a reputation for turning sour fast. Our team has considerable experience working with commercial tenants, property developers, management firms, housing associations, banks, asset managers and private landlords to protect their interests and bring disputes to a suitable ending. When a quick response is required, you can count on our lawyers for clear advice and representation where necessary.

IT & Telecommunications

With a globally dispersed network of IT & Telecommunications lawyers, we are equipped with the skillset to navigate your business through disruptive disputes to an outcome that meets your needs. Our experience in IT and Telco dispute resolution spans from conflicts surrounding intellectual property and cybersecurity to service level agreements, management buy-outs, director and shareholder issues, regulatory matters and antitrust disputes.

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