A business on the cusp of change demands a reliable team of corporate and commercial lawyers

A team who will treat your objectives as their own and never fail to alert you when something doesn’t look right. Whether you’re embarking on new business venture, are further expanding operations or are gearing up for talks on a tie-up or takeover with another company, our corporate lawyers are here to help.

While our technical knowledge extends to the full scope of corporate law matters, we have particular knowledge in company, domestic, international and cross-border business sales and purchases, joint ventures, management buy-outs, company financing, restructuring, venture capital investment, partnership and shareholder issues.

We know that the last thing your company needs is even more complication in the form of legal jargon and confusing documents. Our approach is different. We provide our clients with a trusted corporate law advisor whose relevant business acumen and technical skill can help drive your company forward and ease any concerns you may have along the way. We take pride in what we do and our ability to close deals for our clients on the best terms achievable.


Banking, Finance and Venture Capital

Offering experienced attorneys across the full range of banking and finance transactions, our highly qualified corporate lawyers bring a wealth of experience when representing the interests of both lenders and borrowers. Whether buying other companies or financing new business ventures, our commercially-focused lawyers apply an intricate knowledge of financial law to advise and assist a diverse portfolio of clients on either side of the transaction.

Capital Restructuring and Re-organizations

Change is inevitable to the business lifecycle. Depending on how your firm was structured upon formation, you may be able to adapt without a shake-up. However, there are instances in which re-organization is inevitable. Working closely with a broad range of national and international clients, we provide pragmatic legal support throughout the restructuring to ensure it runs smoothly. Collaborating with our colleagues in employment law, we can ensure the necessary measures are in place to make for a pain-free process.

Companys, Directors and Shareholders

We provide actionable legal advice to shareholders and directors in protecting their interests in the company, drafting and negotiating agreements that set out clear terms for how the company will be managed and controlled. As well as proactive work to prevent disputes, we act for directors and shareholders to find ways through deadlocks and resolve costly conflicts.

Corporate Finance

We advise our corporate clients on the full range of finance options including offering shares to the public via listings and initial public offerings on stock-markets. No two companies are alike, so our team will always seek to understand your unique ambitions in order to advise on the best solution for your company.

Directors’ Duties

Under various state laws, directors are given certain powers to help them promote the company. However, they also have a duty to act with honesty and integrity and to use these powers responsibly. It is vital that all company directors understand their statutory duties, as failure to comply with them can bring civil or even criminal liability. We regularly advise directors on compliance with regulatory obligations, devising practical solutions and providing clear jargon-free explanations.


Our corporate lawyers work closely with entrepreneurs to secure funding for high-potential business ventures, providing pragmatic advice every step of the way. From tax considerations to intellectual property and commercial agreements, we develop long-term relationships that see our clients flourish. Our knowledge in this area further extends to supporting venture capital and private equity funds, ensuring the necessary measures are in place to protect your interest.

Joint Ventures

Joint ventures (JVs) enable multiple parties to work together, sharing risk knowledge, to enter new markets and drive mutual business growth. We offer hands-on support to business leaders and entrepreneurs embarking in joint ventures, assisting in the preparation and negotiation of commercial agreements to protect your interests every step of the way.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Whether you are on the buying or selling end of a corporate transaction, legal advice is highly recommended in giving careful attention to the due diligence stage through to completion and integration. If your company is a target of a potential merger or acquisition, we will advise on the path ahead and ensure your business has its proverbial ducks in a row with regards to critical documentation. Equally, we support large corporations in the acquisition of other companies, providing exceptional due diligence services and ensuring a seamless transaction.


Disputes between partners in business are disruptive at the best of times; they tend to be complex and high stakes affairs. Advice from a dedicated corporate lawyer is essential in minimizing the risk of such disputes including those regarding profit share or liability. We work with our clients to provide the proactive legal frameworks to prevent conflict and act on their behalf to achieve resolution through cost-effective means outside the courtroom wherever possible.

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