Construction & Engineering

Behind every ambitious construction and engineering project are a number of legal frameworks that make it possible

From contracts and documents, project financing, bidding and bonding to permits and environmental compliance, our lawyers work with a diverse range of clients to help them navigate through complex matters with ease. We also provide key guidance on employment relations, intellectual property protection and can be depended on for critical support in dispute resolution when things get complicated.

From construction site managers, contractors, real estate developers and equipment suppliers to retailers, infrastructure providers, investors and insurers, our construction and engineering lawyers serve the entire industry. Where necessary, we build bespoke teams that call on the knowledge of our colleagues in property law, planning, tax and procurement to provide a holistic service to those who need it.


From the development of commercial property to major infrastructure projects, our construction and engineering lawyers work to protect the interests of our clients through robust contracts that reflect their requirements. We also assist in the setting up of joint ventures, offering advice spanning tax and accounting considerations, possible antitrust law implications, regulatory requirements, management structure and how profits are to be extracted.

The funding and planning of new development demands an experienced legal partner who understands the complexities involved with real estate development. Our lawyers have vast experience applying their technical knowledge in the field of construction and property law to the individual circumstances, ambitions and requirements of our diverse portfolio of industry clients.

We draw upon deep sector knowledge to advise and act for companies across the construction and engineering space to bring costly disputes to the best possible conclusion. While we will always endeavour to work proactively to prevent disputes and work towards a commercial settlement, our lawyers offer significant experience in guiding clients through mediation, arbitration or litigation where necessary.

Our construction law team offers pragmatic legal advice to clients in the setting up of facilities maintenance arrangements in relation to repair and maintenance as well as cleaning and catering.

Framework agreements are used widely in the field of construction, enabling a company to do business with one or more suppliers and establishing the terms by which their relationship will be governed. We provide comprehensive legal advice to our clients in the drafting and negotiation of framework agreements including guidance on procurement rules and call-off procedures.

The Operating and Maintenance Agreement that supports an infrastructure project can play a critical role in the long-term success of the project. Our dedicated legal team bring substantial experience in setting up such arrangements, working to document not only the services to be provided but the framework that will be applied to monitor the performance of the service provider to ensure continual improvement is happening over time.

Performance bonds (aka surety bonds) are issued by banks or insurance firms to guarantee the completion of a construction project by a contractor and protect against non-performance. Our lawyers have the sector knowledge to oversee the provision of performance bonds and guarantees; we assist employers, funders and contractors with the preparation of legal documentation and provision of advice tailored to their requirements.

We work closely with clients in the construction industry to advise on the appointment of professional consultants including architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, cost engineers and project managers. Our lawyers will provide practical legal guidance to ensure the terms of engagement are clear and unambiguous, be it through a standard form of appointment, a bespoke form of appointment or letter of appointment. Our knowledge extends to certificates, collateral warranties, third party agreements, confidentiality, copyright, consultant’s authority, dispute resolution and more.

In construction law, collateral warranties act as a contractual bridge, adding a level of security for other stakeholders which may not otherwise exist. We regularly advise clients on the need for collateral warranties in providing protections to those who would not be party to underlying contracts such as building contracts, sub-contracts and professional appointments.

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