Whether you’re buying, selling, leasing or developing commercial property, the need for dedicated legal support is almost inevitable

You might be an estate manager, developer or investor seeking reliable legal support from an experienced team; you might be a business tenant renting commercial property for the first time. In any case, we understand the unique challenges that come with commercial property transactions and are here to help protect your interests. Every day, our commercial property lawyers work with a broad range of clients to ensure all risks have been considered, accepted or eliminated. 

Often, matters relating to commercial real estate will cross into other legal disciplines including planning law, environmental law, contracts and litigation. When they do, we will collaborate with lawyers within our firm to provide pragmatic advice that supports your goals.


Acquisitions and Disposals

Our commercial property lawyers are heavyweights in their field; they offer pragmatic advice and dedicated support through acquisitions and disposals of commercial real estate. Our clients rely on us to guide them through the challenging number of tasks involved in the transaction including negotiating contracts, reviewing titles, taxes, etc.

Asset Management

We understand the challenges and complexities involved with property management. Our dedicated commercial property team regularly advises landlords on the full range of issues that arise in this area including alterations to property, rental agreements and property maintenance.

Commercial and Residential Development

We pride ourselves on the high standard of legal advice we deliver in relation to the development of commercial and residential property. From setting up of property management companies to the drafting of sale and development documentation and advice surrounding planning and tax related issues, we work with ambitious developers, funders and occupiers on all types of development projects to deliver pragmatic, cost effective legal solutions.

Guarantee Agreements

Authorized guarantee agreements are often imposed as a condition of a landlord consenting to the assignment of a lease to another tenant. In short, the outgoing tenant becomes a guarantor for the assignee. We help our clients to understand the specific obligations of a guarantee, the implications and risks of signing one and determine whether or not they should be entered into.

Landlord and Tenant

When the interests of landlord and tenants clash, the result can be a lengthy legal dispute that leaves both parties out of pocket. Our property lawyers are naturally well-versed with the nature of these contractual disputes and are always working proactively with clients to prevent them through upfront negotiation and correctly drafted leases. We advise on the full range of leases and work with clients on both sides of the arrangement.


The terms set out in a lease are critical in determining responsibilities and assigning liability between landlord and tenant. Our commercial property team is equipped with the technical skills and vast experience to assist landlords in drafting leases and tenants in entering into them. We regularly advise landlords on assignments, sub-letting and alterations and provide critical legal support to tenants on rent reviews, service charges, lease renewals and variations.

Option and Pre-emption Agreements

As with any sizeable investment, a potential buyer of commercial property needs time to decide whether or not to go ahead with the purchase. Our lawyers can help you protect your interests by advising on the implication of the options to purchase land or property and preparing the necessary documentation to support this. We can also assist in producing pre-emption agreements to guarantee right of first refusal in buying property.

Overage Clawback Agreements

When a landowner sells a piece of land suitable for property development, they can agree with their buyer that additional payments will be due should the buyer decide to develop the land. This is what’s known as overage and clawback agreements and it’s hardly surprising that they can be difficult to draft and negotiate. Our commercial property lawyers have significant experience in advising on and producing such agreements, as well as handling all real property recording requirements.

Property Finance and Secured Lending

Our property finance lawyers provide experienced advisory services on commercial property funding and security for corporate and commercial banks and other financial institutions. We work with clients to prepare complex lending contracts and supporting documentation relating to debentures, facility agreements and legal charges.

Rent Deposits

Our experienced lawyers can help shine a light on the potential implications of rent deposits, depending on the type and the terms of the lease. We can also assist in the preparation and negotiation of all supporting documentation.

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