Watertight contracts are the bread and butter of commercial success; they are the glue that binds business relationships and an enterprise’s most valuable asset in surviving adversity

Be it a director, shareholder, supplier or consumer, the terms of your commercial contract should leave no room for interpretation. When the terms are balanced and acceptable to trading partners, you can spend less time arguing and more time focusing on the activities that earn you revenue.

The quality of advice you receive when negotiating commercial contracts is critical in making decisions that protect your interests – and that’s where we come in. Our commercial lawyers apply hands-on experience from in-house positions to help businesses reduce risk through well structured agreements.

We act for businesses of all types from start-ups to established businesses in the USA, Europe, the UK, LatAm and Asia, in a multitude of industrial and commercial sectors. Applying acumen, attention to detail and an astute understanding in what can often be a complex area of law, our commercial lawyers are here to ensure that you are protected in each sale or purchase your company makes.


Advertising, Events and Marketing

We regularly assist a range of commercial clients with negotiating and drafting advertising agreements, marketing contracts, sponsorship and merchandising agreements with agencies and event organisers. Bringing considerable experience in this field, you can trust our lawyers to protect your interests – whether you’re hammering out the terms of a new relationship or enforcing a clause in an existing contract.

Agency and Distribution

Our commercial team is well equipped to advise you on the terms of an agency or distribution agreement and will always seek to understand your commercial ambitions in order to draft and negotiate an arrangement that provides as much legal protection as possible.

Anti-bribery Compliance

As per the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) and numerous state laws, it is illegal to offer, promise, give, request, agree, receive or accept bribes. Our lawyers regularly help commercial clients across a range of industries to establish a strong anti-bribery policy and effective risk assessment framework that protects their business and ensures its making the best possible decisions when under pressure.

Collaboration Agreements

Collaboration can be the catalyst to success – given the right agreements are in place. Collaboration by definition is a mutually beneficial way of working, so the terms of the contract should protect your commercial interests. We work with a diverse range of clients to provide pragmatic legal support and guide them through the drafting and negotiation of such arrangements to ensure relationships are founded on the right terms.

Commercial Due Diligence

Whatever the scale of the transaction or arrangement, commercial due diligence is an essential component in minimizing your business’ exposure to risk. Whether you’re entering into a new commercial relationship or are undergoing a contractual overhaul ahead of an acquisition or sale, you have an ongoing need for due diligence support or you require an experienced commercial lawyer for a one-off project, we have the skillset to handle the process for you from start to finish.

Commission and Introduction Agreements

When businesses connect via a third party introduction, there is often a need for the terms of the relationship to be set in writing. By seeking legal support from our commercial lawyers through the process, you gain the peace of mind that your interests are protected and all parties are on the same page with regard to the terms of returns.

Consultancy Agreements

When your business engages the services of an external consultant, it’s essential the paperwork is in place and that the terms in any contracts are clear on all sides. We work with companies to do just this – drafting and negotiating agreements to ensure your intellectual property is protected and confidentiality obligations are adhered to.

Data Protection and Privacy Issues

Most organizations operating in the modern world have a need for robust data protection policies. If you hold any personally identifiable information on customers, suppliers, external contractors or employees, it’s up to you to ensure compliance obligations are met without fail. Our heavyweight data protection lawyers regularly help organizations navigate the regulatory landscape and put in place frameworks to mitigate risk.


As a fast growing franchise business, you need guidance from a commercial law team you can depend on. From drafting and revising franchise agreements to delivering advice on intellectual property, commercial property and employment issues, our ever-growing network of commercial lawyers can provide a complete and reliable legal service to franchisors and franchisees worldwide.

General Contractual Issues

In the business of contract law, every clause counts. Keeping your best interests protected through business relationships demands a careful eye, a fine-tooth comb and the ability to negotiate terms that reflect your key objectives. Should you need to enforce any of these terms in the case of a dispute, a trusted legal team with considerable knowledge can certainly help. Bringing vast experience in a diverse range of sectors, our commercially minded lawyers can provide legal support on the full spectrum of general contractual issues.

General Terms of Business

Your business’ terms and conditions documents are the contracts that define the relationship between you and your customer. They protect your business, set out your procedures, limit your liability and explain what you have agreed to. Drawing on decades of experience in commercial law, we will work closely with you to protect your interests and property through the drafting of your terms and conditions, structuring contracts according to your individual requirements.

Term Sheets

Although not legally binding (unless so specified) term sheets are useful in recording exactly what is to be included in a proposed agreement and what is not. They can be used in a variety of commercial transactions, including property sales, corporate business sales, mergers and joint ventures. We understand the importance of having a ‘road map’ for the transaction to follow, and will work with you to draft and negotiate term memoranda of understanding that suits your needs.

Joint Venture and Partneship Agreements

A joint venture can be a catalyst for new opportunities and exponential growth. Before you begin working together, careful planning is needed to ensure you and your future business partner are in agreement on terms and are satisfied with the outcome. Our lawyers have vast experience in advising clients through a range of working arrangements including partnerships and joint ventures. Should you be looking to team up with another entity, we will be on hand to help you iron out the terms. We can also assist in the winding down of joint ventures.

Lease, Hire and Maintenance Agreements

From vehicles to IT equipment, our lawyers draw on experience to design, draft and deliver robust agreements for the leasing and maintenance of the full range of business assets.

Licence Agreements

Our dedicated commercial lawyers assist a wide range of clients through the preparation of licensing documents relating to business assets. You can rely on our team to bring knowledge and jargon-free guidance through the process.


Led by your commercial objectives and guided by legal knowledge, we can assist with the drafting and negotiating of manufacturing agreements and long term supply agreements to help you source or supply goods in the USA or abroad.

Option Agreements

An option agreement is a contract that gives one party the right to purchase an asset from another party. It sets out the agreed price and a date for the transaction. We know that when it comes to buying or selling business assets, there’s no time to lose. Our dedicated commercial team works with clients to set up option agreements that reflect your needs and protect your interests.


Outsourcing a certain element in your operations to an external team can be a cost-effective way to get access to skilled knowledge. However, as with all business relationships, it’s essential that both you and the third party provider have watertight terms set out in writing. Our commercial team can assist you through all forms of outsourcing agreements, designing contracts that deal with the transfer of assets and employees to the supplier and set out the service level.

Reseller Agreements

A reseller agreement defines the legally binding terms for the resale of products and/or professional services. We work with companies ranging in size and industry to produce contracts that protect their interests in the transaction and suit their business needs, be it a contract on a licensed basis or as a value added reseller agreement.

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