Customer Success Stories

Learn how organisations are using 360 Business Law’s global legal resources to empower their businesses, protect their operations and accelerate growth.

"They all understand our business, our customers, our mission and the tech market on a whole. This expertise coupled with the continuity of their service and the subscription model are three of the primary reasons why I would recommend 360 and already have to others in my industry."

"Every lawyer I talk to is pragmatic, responsive and well-versed in their knowledge. Unlike traditional lawyers, their approach is not old-fashioned – it is business-oriented and designed to equip clients with the expertise they need to navigate modern markets."

"The benefits of one point of contact and a dispersed network of truly exceptional experts that are on-hand at a moment’s notice, is invaluable to us."

“360 Business Law is driven by enthusiasm, passion and efficiency. Due to the volatile nature of our work, we need our lawyers to move quickly, and their responsiveness and speed of turnaround never fails to impress."

"Their lawyers are absolutely fantastic – I’d go as far as to say some of the best lawyers I’ve ever worked with."

"I have been using the services of 360 Business Law’ lawyers for 8 years and I am constantly impressed by their depth of legal knowledge."

"360 Business Law effectively held our hands through the entire Private Equity fundraising exercise and guided us through the deal with ease."

"An absolutely first-class service. As a subscription client, we saw immediate benefits from: a single route of access to an impressive pool of resources."

"It’s great to be able to call upon the support of a highly qualified team you can trust at the drop of a hat."

"Working with 360 Business Law supports our business growth and ensures that we are fully protected."