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“An absolutely first-class service received from 360, why is it so impressive? As a subscription client, we saw immediate benefits from: a single route of access to an impressive pool of resources; the ability to budget for a full year for our legal needs; rapid conclusion of sales contracts; the ability to grow and flex without incurring additional charges and efficiencies in delivering on our legal support across the business.”

Carol Hopperton – VP Legal Affairs

“The benefits of one point of contact and a dispersed network of truly exceptional experts that are on-hand at a moment’s notice, is invaluable to us. We can contact them at any time; challenges are resolved within hours, and the quality of work is always exceptionally high.”

Jim Darragh – Chief Executive Officer

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“Working with 360 Business Law supports our business growth and ensures that we are fully protected when doing business with organisations far larger than ourselves. It is a relationship that works well for us and we are confident that it will continue to do so.”

Tony Martino – Chief Executive Officer

“I have been using the services of 360 Business Law’ lawyers for 8 years and I am constantly impressed with their depth of legal knowledge, experience with legal matters related to computer software licensing, and level of professionalism. I would most definitely recommend them to anybody who needs a lawyer that they can rely on, for a realistic fee.”

Tim Alsop – Chief Executive Officer.

“The subscription model is excellent, but I would also recommend 360 Business Law on account of how responsive the team is. Their lawyers are absolutely fantastic – I’d go as far as to say some of the best lawyers I’ve ever worked with. Their ability to turn things around really fast and to a high standard never fails to impress.”

Jon Williams – SVP International.


“360 Business Law’s subscription model has been ideal for the day-to-day running of our business. Generally, when you want to use an external lawyer, you need approval of cost for each and every piece of work from the CFO. With the subscription service, we can rely on one external resource to cover all our legal needs without worrying about the costs racking up. It’s great to be able to call upon the support of a highly qualified team you can trust at the drop of a hat.”

Alex Hendry – Head of Commercial.




“Our previous legal services provider would send invoices that we wouldn’t understand, it’s very difficult to then justify, as a customer, why these costs are inappropriate. We had substantial legal costs arising because we weren’t in control. 360 Business Law’s subscription model has allowed us to allocate a fixed amount of money for each month, allowing any person in our organisation to contact a highly experienced lawyer for detailed legal advice.”

Shez Cheema – Chief Executive Officer

“Coming to three and a half years in, we decided we needed to raise funds. I asked how 360 Business Law could help. They effectively held our hands through the entire Private Equity fundraising exercise and guided us through the deal with ease. Having a specialist at the other end of the phone to sense check everything was great for us; with a lawyer available at a moment’s notice to navigate us through the Private Equity market and identify issues proactively, we were able to grow quickly, safe in the knowledge that our interests were protected at every stage.”

Peter Wright – President & CEO

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