Are you suffering from

  • Contract bottlenecks at month, quarter and year end?
  • Do you want a law firm that puts you first, stays in contact and returns workload on-time?
  • Do you want a law firm that works as an integral part of your firm?

We understand the pressures of month and quarter ends on in-house counsel, and needing that time sensitive document returned quickly

In many organisations getting a contract over the line at month or quarter end can be critical. For a publicly quoted company it can mean missing reporting targets and a negative effect on the share price; for salesmen it can mean the difference between being employed or not.

Many lawyers at 360 Business Law, having worked in-house, have personally experienced the pressure on legal staff at month and quarter end, and we know that deals have to be prioritised according to management demand, and that can cause major problems.

That’s where we come in

Our subscription and hourly rate client contracts contain service levels that guarantee we will turnaround the initial amendments to a client’s standard contracts within 48 hours of receipt, in many cases we actually achieve 24 hours.

And that’s not just in the UK, but worldwide!

Where our clients have to contract on third party agreements, we guarantee we will review and provide a detailed assessment within 72 hours.

So, do SLAs only count in commercial contracts?

No – most of our legal services come with a set of SLAs because we know that when you want something done, you don’t want to wait.

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