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We are a full-service law firm that delivers exceptional results on a global basis

Business law is a highly specialised and complex area of law and covers a multitude of specialisations. There are two distinct areas of business law; regulation of commercial entities (corporate or company law) through laws of partnership, company, insolvency and agency and the second is regulation of commercial transactions through the commercial laws of contract (commercial law) and employment (employment law).

But business law also interacts with many other highly specialised and regulated areas of law such as Agency, Banking and Finance, Competition, GDPR, Immigration, Dispute Resolution, Financial Regulations, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Joint Ventures, Pensions, Taxation. As well as various sectors with their own specialisations, such as Aviation, Banking, Betting & Gaming, Energy & Resources, Engineering & Construction, Hotels & Leisure, Media & Technology, Marine and Shipping, Pharmaceutical and Sport.

We have a formidable reputation of delivering high quality business law services on a global basis. Our industry leading innovative charging structures, such as our Subscription Legal Service, highly competitive fixed hourly rates modules and fixed project costs, mean that we are ultra-competitive. And our highly secure cloud-based IT infrastructure allows us to deliver our services worldwide from a low-cost infrastructure that allows us to pass the savings to our valued clients. See what our clients have to say.

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360 Business Law contract with highly experienced lawyers from a multitude of specialisations, many having trained and been partners at city law firms such DLA Piper; Allen & Overy; Eversheds; Mayer Brown and Baker McKenzie, to name but a few.

The magic of contracting with a  vast array of highly specialised lawyers, all who have been acting in a freelance capacity for many years, means that we can call upon their services quickly and that they are contractually bound to work within our stringent client focused environment and within our controlled fee structure, bringing you our valued client an exceptional services and realistic fee rates..

We are truly a full-service law firm that delivers exceptional results on a global basis at very realistic fees.

And if you are client of our Subscription Legal Services you can obtain most of our other business law services (with the exception of Pensions and Taxation) at a heavily discounted hourly rate from our standard fees, which in themselves are one of the lowest in the legal industry.

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