International Network

international network

The 360 Business Law International Network consists of over 200 business lawyers spread over 30 countries worldwide. Our network is growing fast and we are actively recruiting for new countries and new in-country specialisations.

This network is now available to our counsultant lawyers, allowing them to offer their clients access to other 360 Business Law legal consultants services, on a global basis.

The idea with the Network is simple – as a consultant, you will help other 360 Business Law consultants to grow their businesses by providing client work in their jurisdiction, and they will in turn help you to grow your local practice – it’s a win /win situation.

We will provide all the admin and back end systems; invoice the consultant undertaking the work for you and invoice you for the work carried out. You are free to invoice your client whatever rate you have agreed with them.

PLEASE NOTE: At all times the client will remain your client and we will contractually undertake that we will not approach or market to your client in any manner, and we will ensure that the consultants undertaking the work on your matter do not approach direct or market to your client or undertake any other work for your client without your prior written consent.

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