In House Legal Team

At 360 Business Law, we look at our lawyers as a simple resource that we provide to our customers as and when needed.

From commercial contracts, corporate re-structuring or employment matters to commercial property and disputes, it’s likely that your company will face a number of challenges as you continue to expand and develop. However, with an ever-growing list of responsibilities, you may consider enlisting the input of a specialist to determine your options in moving forward.

Your choice of legal counsel will certainly have an impact on the decisions you make – however, when choosing a lawyer to navigate you through your legal issues and options, how can you be sure they will be skilled in each aspect of business law? That’s why we do what we do.

Look at it this way – if you employed a lawyer as a member of your staff, you would have to rely on their narrow skill set to solve each and every challenge you were faced with. After all, even the most expensive legal counsel has limited skills – it is impossible for one person to be an expert in every aspect of the law in the UK, and certainly not in every country.

When you work with 360 Business Law, you’ll have an entire team of dedicated business lawyers at your disposal, for less money. In fact, on average our clients see a reduction in their internal legal costs of around 15-20% and a reduction on their external legal costs of around 40-60%.

Simply put, we will act as an in-house legal team to your company, pulling together the knowledge of each of our experts to deliver advice across the board to ensure the decisions you make are well-informed.

When your company is faced with a legal issue, having an accomplished team of lawyers on board who you can trust to protect your business interests will benefit you in resolving matters effectively and efficiently.

That’s why at 360 Business Law, we have hand-picked some of the industry’s leading corporate and commercial lawyers to provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with the right legal support at the drop of a hat.

We don’t believe in delivering pre-packaged advice to our clients, because we know that your requirements, objectives and goals will differ greatly depending on your history, your industry and your size. So, when you choose to work with 360 Business Law, you can expect a service that’s tailored to your specific needs; bespoke solutions to the problems your company has come up against.

That way, you can continue to focus on business development, expansion and customer satisfaction.

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