Fixed Hourly Rate

Every business is unique. What works for one company may not necessarily work for another.

That’s why at 360 Business Law, we offer our services on a fixed hourly rate as well as on a subscription basis. That way, you can choose which option suits your needs without having to worry about any hidden costs.

We understand the need for flat rate ad-hoc fees, especially for smaller businesses. However, rather than charging a ridiculous amount for minimal work, we deliver our service at a fair, fixed hourly rate. That’s because we believe that our clients deserve the best.

If we can help businesses across the globe to save money, time and fuss – we believe we should, and we do – every day.

It sounds impossible: high quality for low prices?

Don’t worry, there’s no catch. Just a streamlined efficient service and a team of accomplished professionals who are passionate about problem solving.

So, if your business is looking for legal support through a one-off project, our business lawyers will be at hand to provide pragmatic advice for an affordable price.

Our Standard Fee Rates:

We believe in transparency when it comes to charging our clients:
Standard Hourly Rate Fee: £155.00
Discounted Subscription Member Hourly Rate Fee: £141.75

*fees quoted are excl VAT.

Value for money

When you instruct our business lawyers in the UK for bespoke advice and assistance on an ad-hoc basis, we will charge a considerably lower flat rate fee per hour than even a small regional firm would charge, and similar to what a national firm might charge for a trainee solicitor. In fact, the average a business pays for legal services from a high street solicitor throughout England and Wales is roughly £280 – and that’s for standard, pre-packaged advice. So how do we do it – we don’t have prestigious offices in a city centre location, nor do we employ an army of secretaries, paralegals and juniors. 

Our specialist business lawyers work virtually and manage their own workloads, so you can ensure that your case will always be in the safe hands of an expert – not their assistant. This is how we are able to set our hourly rate legal services at a flat rate and why our clients return time and time again to take advantage of our service.

Our rate may vary if you are outside of the UK, but you can guarantee that wherever you are, you will always receive excellent value for your money.

In good hands

360 Business Law is run by lawyers, many of whom have worked in-house and have been responsible for external counsel budgets. We know first-hand how tricky it can be to make a call on whether to get external assistance, but we think the price we set for our hourly rate legal services coupled with the calibre of our lawyers, makes us a viable option. When you instruct us, you can expect nothing but specialist advice from industry leading experts with the business acumen necessary to find solutions to even the most complex commercial challenges.

Each member of our team boasts an impressive portfolio of achievements within the industry, many with over 20 years experience. Our priority is to protect your practical and commercial interests, identifying potential risks and opportunities early enough for you to take action. So, whether your company needs assistance through restructuring, starting a new venture, drafting and negotiating a commercial contract or need assistance with an employment matter, you can rely on our team to protect your practical and commercial interests without exhausting your resources.

How does it work?

It’s nice and simple: when you get in touch, our business lawyers will work to gain an in-depth understanding of the particular issue or project you are taking on. After getting to know your requirements and objectives, we will provide you with a fixed quote for your work.

However, if you require support through larger projects such as a merger or acquisition, we can package our services into one affordable fixed price. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll tell you how much you could save by choosing our team.

There’s no tie to a long-term contract, just two businesses helping each other to succeed. You only pay for what you need, and you will always see results.

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