Established Business

Owners of established businesses have overcome the many hurdles set at the start-up stage.

However, they continue to face a variety of challenges.

Business owners must effectively use limited resources to improve their position in the market while continuing to manage the critical aspects of business operations. You are constantly evolving and need a legal team that can move quickly and be as dynamic in their approach as you.

How we can help

Governments of all kinds throughout the world seek to encourage investment, prosperity and business growth via a constant changing of the law, and members of the legal profession are generally amongst the first to be aware of such changes and to realise the implications they will have, good or bad, for your business.

Challenges facing growing businesses

Growing businesses face a range of challenges. Recognising and overcoming the common pitfalls associated with business growth is essential if your business is to continue to grow and thrive. Maximising the capital available to help you grow your company is essential. Crucially, you also need to ensure that the steps you take today don’t themselves create additional problems for the future.

Our subscription legal services model is bespoke to your company and by joining us you will not only be able to obtain unlimited low cost legal advice and services, but will also be advised of changes in legislation that could greatly assist you in your expansion plans. Find out more about our subscription legal service.

Great businesses are made by having great employees

That is so true, but the cost of employing the best people can be prohibitive to a growing business, and employing staff means having to comply with the complex legal thicket that is employment law. All aspects of recruitment, from the drafting of a job advertisement, the interview process, through the contract of employment, and if need be, the circumstances surrounding disciplining and potentially terminating staff, are covered by a plethora of different legislative acts, and making a mistake could prove hugely costly, both financially and to reputation.

So, do you employ full-time or part-time staff, hire freelance consultants? Well the answer is probably a mixture of these.

Legal advice when setting up your HR structures will help to prevent problems arising and, if a mistake has been made, our lawyers will be able to minimise both the cost and the time spent dealing with it.

Financial reward

As your business grows and prospers, there’s every chance you’ll want to reward loyal and hardworking staff, and sharing the equity in the business is an ideal means of doing so. Staff and management rewarded with a stake in the business will feel invested in a manner which will ensure a willingness to go the extra mile. The right legal advice will enable you to structure incentives such as these in a manner which is not only fair but easily understood and tax efficient.

Brand management

Your business name, logo and other features need to be protected as securely as any more tangible assets. Indeed, the innovation you offer, the ideas you present and the identity of your company could be said to be the most valuable assets you possess. Allowing them to be diluted because you haven’t taken the legal steps necessary to truly protect them could be a disaster for your business, as could failing to launch a claim against a business rival encroaching upon your intellectual territory.

Debt recovery

One of the most common issues businesses face is that of customer debt; when a client has agreed to pay a certain amount in return for your goods or services but is failing to produce the monies owed. Business owners can run themselves in circles attempting to recover the debt, unsure of how to secure the money without alienating their client. At 360 Business Law, our lawyers have the skill and expertise necessary to recover a balance efficiently and will not hesitate in taking appropriate legal action to do so. As well as assisting you through debt recovery, we will also advise you on prevention strategies to help your business to create a solid cash-flow system in order to avoid debt-related disputes in the future.

Dispute resolution

At some point or another, your business may be faced with a dispute. Be it between director and shareholder, a supplier or a conflict with a client, disputes of this nature can escalate easily without the legal support of an experienced lawyer. At 360 Business Law, we believe that with the right advice and negotiation tactics, you could protect your interests and save yourself the time and costs involved with court proceedings. Our lawyers will guide you through the process, actively promoting solutions that are in line with your objectives.

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